Thrift O'Clock is 3! // Blog Birthday

Hello everyone!

Woah. Exactly three years ago today, I wrote my first ever blog post here on Thrift O'Clock. It's been a journey so I thought I'd write a little reflection on my time blogging!

thrift o'clock 3rd blog birthday cake anniversary blogging fashion beauty lifestyle

It was a Saturday evening in June and I'd just come home from a thrifting trip. I don't remember if I had been reading blogs before that time but suddenly the idea just popped in my head - I could share the finds I'd bought that day! I was already in the routine of showing my family the bargains I'd picked up so I thought why not show others who might also love charity shopping?

The name just somehow presented itself to me that evening so I typed up a little introduction post and hit publish. Scheduling was a myth to me and SEO? Just three letters of the alphabet!

From that time onward I shared more thrift hauls, a few tags & some awful quality photos of lipstick swatches every now and then. I posted whenever I felt like it. Naturally, school got in the way and I started taking longer breaks from blogging but it always remained an important thing in my mind.

Roughly a year ago was when my interest in blogging started to really pick up again and I decided to put a lot more effort into what I shared. Fast forward to now and I'm posting most days of the week, I've taken a real interest in photography and I'm enjoying it more than ever! Little did 15 year old me know it would become my favourite hobby, bring about some really cool opportunities and allow me to get to know a whole bunch of truly lovely people!

thrift o'clock 3rd blog birthday cake anniversary blogging fashion beauty lifestyle

I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing if I hadn't started blogging, or what I'd be like as a person. All I know is that I've gained so much more confidence to voice my opinions and do the things I love. Unapologetically too, because I know there are people who have similar interests to me and actually care about how pigmented an eyeshadow is or what bargains there are to be had in Primark at the minute.

Thrift O'Clock has evolved a lot since 30th June 2012.

It's now a space where I can talk about anything I love; beauty, fashion, music, interior design and whatever I happen to take an interest in at the time. I still cherish every comment I get on this blog and I thank each and every one of you for sticking by and supporting me! Someone hand me the tissues . . .

I've also finally started my own Youtube channel which has been an aim of mine for so long. I put off doing it for ages for a number of excuses but now I'm absolutely loving it. What I've learned is that you have to do what you love. What's the point otherwise? Your life is too precious and important to hold back on doing the things you want to do.

I don't really know how to end this wee post but I suppose the whole point of it is that I just want to say thank you. I am so truly grateful!

Here's to the next three years!

What would you like to see more of on Thrift O'Clock?

Thanks for reading,