Weekly Reflect // #35

Hello everyone!

What a week! The election took place, the new royal baby was born & Kat & Alfie won the lottery on Eastenders. 

Let's talk about the past seven days . . .

This week:

  • . . . I watched The King's Speech! I was expecting it to be okay but I thought it was brilliant! I find the history and life of royals so intriguing and the perspective the film took was really eye opening. 

    • . . . I installed The Sims 1 on my laptop and played it loads! I love that game, it takes me right back to my childhood. I wasn't sure it would be compatible with Windows 8 as it was made in 2000 but luckily it did, next step is seeing if all my old expansion packs work!

    So that's what I got up to this week!
    How was your week?

    Thanks for reading,