Makeup Revolution // Vivid Blush Lacquer in 'Desire'

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If you're a regular reader, you might be able to tell that I quite like makeup. The one area I never seem to branch very far out into though is blusher and I'm not really sure why!

In a bid to switch things up and try new things, I bought the Vivid Blush Lacquer from Makeup Revolution. Here's my review!

makeup revolution vivid blush lacquer desire review swatches cream liquid


Desire is one of six shades in the Vivid Blush Lacquer range.

Makeup Revolution describe it as an "ultra intensive liquid blush for an intense pop of colour and easy to blend".

It comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to distribute the right amount.

It costs £1.99 but I got it in the Makeup Revolution sale for just £1!


When I first picked up this product, I have to admit I was a bit confused because it took forever and a million pumps to actually get any blush out! The photo above was taken just after I managed to get anything out of the bottle so as you can see about half of it must have been air. I'm honestly not sure if this is the case for every single one of them, if it was just mine or if that's why they're in the sale. I suppose at the tiny price of just a quid I can't really complain but it was a bit disappointing.

Anyway, onto what I think of the blush!

It's a lovely creamy consistency which I find easiest to apply with my fingers. It blends out really well and the shade is a gorgeous natural yet brightening flush. For me, I get the best results when I apply small amounts in layers - a sheer layer at first all over the cheek and then adding more pigmentation to where I want more depth. The staying power is also incredible, it almost stains for a really long lasting finish.

As I mentioned in my haul video, I wanted to try it as a lip product and I have to say it wears so nicely on the lips! As it's fully matte it's best to apply it onto exfoliated and moisturised lips but I'm so impressed by how non-drying it is! It doesn't give that chalky feel some matte lipsticks can give which is a big bonus in my books.


makeup revolution vivid blush lacquer desire review swatches cream liquid

I have a fresh & glowy makeup look post using this blush coming soon so make sure you're following my blog to be notified when that post is up!

The Vivid Blush Lacquers are available to order online here.

Well I hope you liked this post! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you'd try this and which type of blush you prefer!

What's your favourite blush?

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