My Makeup Brush Collection

Hello everyone!

When I look back to my early days of wearing makeup, I got by on two brushes; one for slapping on the foundation and another for powdering that to within an inch of it's life!

Fast forward to today and I'd like to say my makeup application techniques have improved! That's mainly down to the set of tools I've armed myself with which really do make all the difference. 

Let's talk through my makeup brush collection shall we?

makeup brush collection beauty blogger real techniques core collection starter kit xcsource face eye brushes

makeup brush collection real techniques core collection kit face

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

Buffing brush // This is a brilliant multi-purpose brush - in the past I've used it for foundation, blush & setting powder and I love it for all three. It does a really good job at buffing so it lives up to it's name!

Pointed foundation brush // I used to use this for foundation but now I definitely wouldn't as I much prefer buffing to 'painting'. Nowadays I like using this to apply creamy face masks. Trust me, it makes the job so much easier!

Contour brush // As I mentioned, I like to switch up how I use brushes and in the past I used this as a blush brush. It's quite small so now I really like it for applying highlighter as it's just the right size for the tops of my cheekbones. Also, the fact it's very tapered means the powder goes on evenly so you don't use too much.

Detailer brush // This is my lip brush for making sure I can get tidy edges when I wear boldly coloured lipsticks! I also find liquid lipsticks with doe foot applicators aren't the most precise so I like to use this brush for those too.

makeup brush collection real techniques start kit eyes

Real Techniques Starter Kit

Pixel point eyeliner brush // I can't say I've ever used this for it's intended purpose but I do use it for inner corner highlight eyeshadow as it picks up pigment well.

Accent brush // This is so handy for adding definition to the bottom lash line with eyeshadow! It's also my back up inner corner highlight brush and serves well for brow bone highlighting too.

Brow brush // Now, if you know me you know I don't ever bother with putting anything on my brows, I just give them a comb through so they're sitting right and leave them be! Needless to say then that I don't use this for brows but when I want to add a liner to my top lashes with an eyeshadow, this is what I use. As it's angled, it's also really useful for mapping out winged liner with black eyeshadow before using a liquid liner!

Base shadow brush // This may not look like much but it's probably my favourite eye brush! It's the best at carving out a crease and makes winging out your eyeshadow so simple due to the fact it's slightly pointed! As well as that, it's also pretty good at blending a shadow all over the lid so this is definitely a brush I couldn't be without.

Deluxe crease brush // Fun fact: I actually lost this brush for about a year and only found it recently! I really miss it as I get two different uses out of this big fluffy eye brush; applying MAC Blanc Type (review here) as a base all over the lid and then for blending everything out at the very end.

makeup brush collection xcsource amazon 10 piece black and gold

10 piece Amazon brush set

(As these brushes don't have names I'll just number them from left to right!)

1 // My current foundation brush of choice, it's quite dense and angled so I love it for really working my base in to get it looking as natural as possible.

2 // Next up is this flat topped brush that I use for putting on my powder - nothing more to say about it really other than it does the job!

3 // Seeing as I've been trying out contour/bronzing recently, this brush has been ace for that. I dip the curved edge in my bronzer from this palette and use it to sculpt my face, blending as I go! 

4 // This one's quite rounded and I find that makes it great for adding some blusher to the apples of my cheeks.

5 // A pretty unique looking brush but it's another really versatile one! The point means it hollows out your cheekbones really well but I also use it for undereye concealer sometimes.

6 // That said, I use this as my concealer brush most of the time - it's small and makes blending in super easy but also precise!

makeup brush collection xcsource amazon 10 piece black and gold

7 // The densest and stiffest brush of them all, it's a pencil brush so it works well packing colour on the lid or for adding really precise lines on the crease or lash line.

8, 9, 10 // I use these brushes for fairly similar things; adding and blending colour on the lid. Of course, having more than one is useful for when you want to add different colours or if you've forgotten to wash one! The two tapered ones fit nicely in the crease so can get a really nice transition shade going. 

So there you have it, my makeup brush collection! I honestly don't know whether I have little or a lot but I do know that I love what I have. Get involved in the comments below and let me know a bit about the brushes you like!

What's your favourite makeup brush brand?

Thanks for reading,