5 Things That Make Blogging Easier // #IrishBlogCollab

Hello everyone!

This week's #IrishBlogCollab is one for the bloggers today! Blogging's not the simple task it may seem to some, it takes a fair bit of organisation & dedication. I'll never be able to dish out any blogging 'tips and tricks' but there are 5 things that make it a lot easier for me!

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Remember when I was sent this planner to review last year? Well I suppose the true test of how good it really is if I'm still using it. The answer is yes, it's proved to be absolutely vital in blog planning! I'm a bit of a planaholic so I like keeping this filled in with upcoming posts - it sets my mind at rest knowing I have my content sorted! Plus I love actual pen to paper writing. I don't know about you but I just don't feel truly organised until I've written something down! I also jot down a lot of to do lists in my planner.


Ah, Tweetdeck. For one thing, I love having all the Twitter functions onscreen at once (home feed, mentions, activity etc.) but also being able to schedule tweets is such a good feature and time saver! It really helps to tweet out blog post links as well as various social media ones throughout the day & night so lots of different people can see them.


A great (and free!) photo editing website that allows me to enhance the look of my photography. Sometimes, what with the notoriously bad weather in the UK, pictures can turn out a little dull so I like to turn up the brightness on them and a little highlight. I also love it for cropping, adding text or collaging - it's something I'd struggle to blog without!


Since discovering the absolutely wonderful community of bloggers, I've been inspired to blog more and more and improve what I share. Being able to make friends from any shared interest is a great thing and the bloggers I've got to know sure are a lovely bunch. I love that if I ever need help with something I can just hop over to Twitter and ask my fellow bloggers!


. . . and last but certainly not least, tea. It's dual purpose for me; sitting down at my laptop with tea gets me into the working mindset but also always keeps me calm. #bloggingessentials

So there you have it, 5 things that make blogging that little bit easier! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you think!

What makes blogging easier for you?

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