You know you're a Crazy Cat Lady when . . .

Hello everyone!

Some people like cats. Some people hate them! Then there's a whole other cross section of the human population who fall into the Crazy Cat Lady category . . . I guess you could say I'm one of them!

you know you're a crazy cat lady when characteristics stereotype

You know you're a Crazy Cat Lady when . . .

. . . you have numerous cat themed items all over your house but still struggle to resist picking up more when you see something in the shops.

. . . your eyes light up when you see a cat on TV.

. . . similarly, anytime you spot a stray one wander into your garden, your CCL instincts kick in and within seconds you're outside rattling the cat food box.

. . . your cat makes regular appearances on your Instagram.

. . . a good chunk of your Facebook notifications are people tagging you in every cat video that seems to exist.

. . . you've already named the cats you hope to own someday.

. . . you dream of owning a cat sanctuary in the future. One day!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love for you to get involved in the comments below and tell me to what extent do you consider yourself a CCL!

Are you a crazy cat lady?

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