Makeup Revolution Haul! // + VIDEO

Hello everyone!

Last week I placed an order on the Makeup Revolution website and when it arrived, I filmed an unboxing haul for you! I've been wanting to bring my Youtube channel back to life for a while now and why not do that with a good old haul!

makeup revolution haul unboxing youtube

I'd be so grateful if you popped over to watch and if you'd like to, hit that subscribe button!

I'm still new to this Youtube thing but it's something I enjoy & hope to do more of in the future. Not only does this video contain lots of pretty makeup but I also try and justify buying three red lipsticks at once - they're all different I swear!

makeup revolution haul unboxing youtube
After I wrapped up filming the video, I had lots of new things to play with so I had a serious swatch party! 

So far I'm loving everything, although the liquid concealer is much too dark for my pale skin. The formula is gorgeous though, I just wish they had the pale shade in stock when I ordered! The other concealers are fantastic for me and I can't wait to give contouring a go!

makeup revolution haul unboxing youtube

I think if I was to choose my favourite thing from the haul it would be the Salvation What You Waiting For? Eyeshadow Palette. I knew I'd love it the second I put it in my basket but I wasn't expecting to love it this much!

makeup revolution haul unboxing youtube

The lip products didn't disappoint either! I was expecting the Lip Geek in 'Just Have Fun' to be a lot more nude but in reality it's more of a muted bright pink. That's not to say I don't like it though - if you know me then you know I love a good pink lipstick!

Well I hope you enjoyed my Makeup Revolution haul! As I mentioned in the video, I should be reviewing everything here in the upcoming weeks so let me know which review you'd like to see first. Also, I'd love any video suggestions of things you'd like me to film!

Have you ever tried Makeup Revolution before?

Thanks for reading,