10 Years Time

Hello everyone!

Not long ago, I watched this video by Alfie Deyes in which he explains was inspired by this video by Will Darbyshire. They really got me thinking. I thought I'd share my opinions on looking to the future & my hopes for where I'll be in ten years time.

Ten years in the future I'll be 28.
I'll be honest, I really struggle to imagine myself at that point in my life! If I think back 10 years into the past, things were completely different. I've no doubt things will be on a whole new level of different in ten years time and here are my hopes for myself then:

I hope . . .
I'll be married and starting to think about having a family of my own.
Family is really important to me and I hope mine are well and that I'll be settling down with someone who makes me happy. Without a doubt, I feel like having children is my life's purpose so I hope I've worked hard in order to have something to offer them when they do arrive!

I hope . . .
I'm doing a job that I enjoy and is of some benefit to others.
At this current point in time I have no idea what career path I'd like to take so I really do have my fingers crossed this one works out! Something creative would be ideal but who knows, what I want might change.

I hope . . .
I've travelled and seen many different parts of the world.
The list of places I want to visit is a lengthy one and even if I haven't ticked them all off by the time I'm 28, I'd still like to have a lot of travelling memories. Who knows, in ten years time there might be a new method of transport & planes are a thing of the past!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I'd really love it if you shared your 3 hopes for the future in the comments below! 

Where do you hope you'll be in ten years time?

Thanks for reading,