Weekly Reflect // #28

Hello everyone!

This week was a quiet one for me which was lovely as the next week and a bit will be the opposite! But of course, there were some significant parts of the week, so let's reflect . . .

weekly reflect knitted patchwork throw

This week:

  • . . . the solar eclipse happened! We managed to see it because the clouds were covering it enough to act as a filter but after a few minutes the clouds took over and that was that. I have to be honest, it was a bit underwhelming after all the hype that was stirred up - I was hoping it might get a bit darker but it was just a little dusky here!

    • . . . it was finalised that I won't be doing my A Levels this year because of my health. It's quite annoying because it leaves me in a bit of an awkward position of perhaps having to repeat but I guess it's just one of those things that can't be controlled!

    • . . . my friend who is a fantastic knitter made me the amazing patchwork throw in the photo above! It's so beautiful and it was so kind of her to make it for me - I had no idea she was so it was a lovely surprise!

    So that was my week! 
    How was yours?

    Thanks for reading,