Battle of the Cleansing Waters

Hello everyone!

I've somehow managed to accumulate 3 different cleansing waters at the same time - two micellar & one witch hazel - so I thought I'd share my thoughts and do a little comparison post for you today!

cleansing water micellar garnier simple witch hazel review skincare

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
£4.49 for 200ml
First up is the new kid on the block, Simple's version of the micellar water.
I've always used Simple skincare so I had high hopes for this but sadly it just didn't live up to them. Doesn't get me wrong, it does remove makeup, it just takes quite a lot of effort while Simple claim there'll be no need to rub the skin. That coupled with the fact it's quite expensive for only 200ml and I feel like I need to use quite a lot of it, I just don't rate it.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
£4.99 for 400ml
I've talked about this before on the blog a few times but that's because I think it deserves the credit.
It only costs a few pennies more than Simple's option but contains double the amount - hat speaks for itself really. To sum it up, it makes for easy & effective makeup removal and is well worth what is costs. I've repurchased this before and definitely will again when it runs out! This is clean skin in a bottle.

Witch Cleansing Lotion
£2.99 for 200ml
So this one is called a lotion but trust me, it's a water!
When I got it I was expecting a creamy makeup remover but it's neither of those, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! It doesn't claim to remove makeup but it does say it will cleanse, tone & soothe which I can confirm it does! I like to use this at the end of the day after I've taken my makeup off to really refresh my skin as well as in the mornings to give my skin a quick boost. It seems to be aimed at oily skin but my dry skin loves it! Everything I've tried from Witch seems to have a gorgeous scent - it's hard to put my finger on what exactly but if you can imagine what super clean, fresh skin smells like you're probably somewhere close!

cleansing water micellar garnier simple witch hazel review skincare

So in the battle of the cleansing waters, which wins?

Well I think it's fair to say Garnier and Witch come out on as winners as they both do different things very well!

Unfortunately it's a miss from Simple this time.
It's such a shame to give such a negative review on a product from I brand I love so much but at least you know it's always my aim to be honest with you. I also try to share with you the products are worth spending your money on and on that front, it's Garnier all the way.

Well, those are my thoughts on three different cleansing waters I've tried! Let me know which of them you'd like to try most in the comments below!

Do you like cleansing waters?

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