March Favourites!

Hello everyone!

Time to share my March favourites, that is all the beauty, fashion & miscellaneous things I've been loving especially this month!

march favourites beauty fashion lifestyle hair makeup love tanya baby lips


I haven't really been wearing makeup much this month, but I did rediscover my Maybelline Baby Lips after not having used them for ages! My favourites are definitely Hydrate & Cherry Me and although they're not the most moisturising or long lasting, they do give a pretty sheen, and with Cherry Me a glossy red tint.

march favourites maybelline baby lips soap & glory flake away scrub

As I focused less on makeup, I put a lot more attention into getting my hair in good condition in March which you'll know if you read my haircare routine post. The standout products are definitely the L'Oreal Ever Riche conditioner & KMS California products. As I mentioned in that post my hair is feeling a lot healthier and once I get a trim I'm sure it will feel even better! I'm really toying with the idea of an above shoulder bob but I'm not 100& sure!

march favourites kms california hair

What with the Summer months getting closer, I've been putting the effort in with body care and the Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub has been fantastic for exfoliating my skin into a much smoother condition! I'm not sure if I prefer the scent of this to my all time fave The Breakfast Scrub but it definitely delivers in terms of results.


Thankfully the weather has been getting a bit nicer here recently so I've been able to wear more Spring appropriate clothes! The day I went to pick up my retainers from the orthodontist, I actually wore the T-shirt and pumps in this OOTD from last Summer with my Topshop Leigh jeans (yep, they're still my favourites!) and H&M leather jacket. I'm sure you'll be seeing that leather jacket in an outfit post soon!

march favourites fashion laundry boutique rainforest print top


Food & Drink
Slightly less seasonal than t-shirts & leather jackets, my first lifestyle favourite of the month has got to be Wispa hot chocolate! It's been lovely to have it as a little treat some evenings and dare I say it's my favourite hot chocolate?

march favourites wispa hot chocolate drink

At the very end of the month, I saw Tanya Burr tweet to say her book had been reduced to half price on Amazon and, what with having a voucher code for the site I thought what better time to place an order! Say what you will about Youtubers writing books but of all of them, Tanya's was the one I was most excited by. I won't say much as I'll have a review up in April but I will say I really enjoyed it!

march favourites love tanya burr book

I also have a few TV favourites this month as I think there have been some great things on the box! First up is Ordinary Lies, a new series on BBC1. I'll not ruin any of the plot lines for you but in every episode it focuses on a certain character who tells a lie and gets caught up in the consequences. So far there have been quite a few funny moments but also a lot of serious ones. I'm also quite enjoying the fact that 6 Degrees is back on TV! If you haven't heard of it, it's a drama which follows the lives of a bunch of students at uni in Belfast. So far I've since the first episode of this series but I'm looking forward to more!


Blog Posts
I loved seeing Becky's OOTD outtakes & Anna's travel photos! Toni wrote a great post with tips on how to stay cute on a budget which I really enjoyed. It was Zoe who wrote my favourite post of the month - a fantastic indepth review of her family day out to the Coronation Street tour. Corrie is one of my favourite shows so it was amazing to see all of the photos of the street!

Youtube Channels
I've been reading Charlotte's blog for ages and I was really happy to see she launched her channel this month! She's a natural already and it was an automatic subscribe. I also discovered Meg's channel in March and her videos are such a pleasure to watch! She just seems like the loveliest girl and it's really inspiring to see someone who also has M.E. so positive and successful.

So those are a few of my favourite things from the month of March! Get involved in the comments below and tell me what your favourites have been!

What have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading,