Thrift Haul

Hello everyone!
One of my blogging resolutions was to do more fashion posts and here I am with a thrift haul for you!

thrift haul outfit charity shops thrifting fashion

Well I think one thing's clear, I cannot pose to save my life! Trust me, these were the best of a truly embarrassing bunch. I just need a little more practice but anyway, let me show you what I've found in charity shops lately!

thrift haul outfit charity shops thrifting fashion


This top I found for a mere £2 - I saw it, tried it on and found it was so comfy! I actually don't know where it's originally from as the label has been cut off, which usually suggests it's from an expensive brand (done by the person who donated it so the shop can't rack the price up too much).

Those fancy patterned jeans were a huge bargain at just £2.50! Would you believe me if I told you they're Topshop Leigh jeans? Yup! Which, if you were buying them from Topshop itself would cost somewhere in and around the £40 mark. Score. The only thing is I'm not overly familiar with Topshop's jean sizing, I bought them without trying them on and they're a bit very tight on me. I may struggle to zip them up but they're damn gorgeous!

*cue the point where my hair started annoying me so I tied it up*

thrift haul outfit charity shops thrifting fashion


Here we have exhibit B; another pair of Topshop Leigh jeans! Again for only £2.50, only these are a size up and much more my size. I love the wash of these and they're beyond comfortable. New favourite jeans? Possibly . . .

I remember seeing this top in River Island (last year?) and wanting it but saying no because of the cost. However, £2.50 seems to be a recurring price theme in this haul!
If you couldn't tell, I kinda like crazy prints!

thrift haul outfit charity shops thrifting fashion


One thing that always seems to be in plentiful supply in my local charity shops are nice shirts. I've picked up quite a few over the years and here's the latest! It's a unique shade of yellow I never imagined myself wearing but once I tried it on I found it's surprisingly wearable! Sadly it's missing a button on the right cuff but it's replaceable and hey, £2.50!

thrift haul outfit charity shops thrifting fashion

What really drew me to it was the intricate embroidery on the collar!
Here I'm just wearing my current everyday makeup which I'll be posting about very soon.

So that's that, a few of the things I've picked up while thrifting over the past month or so.

P.S. Do you like the lights hung up in the background? I was kindly sent them by LED Hut and I immediately fell in love with them! Even though Christmas is over, I don't think I want to take them down!

Have you found any charity shop bargains lately?

Thanks for reading,