Starting a MAC Pro Eyeshadow x15 Palette

Hello everyone!
Quite possibly the most talked about makeup brand.
If you don't own something from MAC, there's bound to be something on your wishlist at least.

Throughout the time I've been watching Youtube videos and reading blogs, there’s always been common theme and that’s MAC Cosmetics. Despite only owning a handful of products from the brand, I could probably recite their lipstick shades like the alphabet. Okay, slight exaggeration, but y'know, I can recognise a fair bunch of them!

After hearing so much about their eyeshadows and having always had a huge love for anything customisable, I decided to treat myself and start a Pro x15 Palette back in January.


Now, you’re all smart human beings and you’ll be able to tell that January was quite a few months ago . . . and that there’s only one shadow in the palette!

Individual MAC eyeshadows are £10 each and I can’t justify splashing out on them all the time. That said, I do feel kinda bad for leaving just the one without any friends. It set me back 30 of my well earned pounds on the packaging alone – very unlike me to spend like that, but I see it as an investment.

The shade I own is Blanc Type which I thought to be the ideal starter shade. It's matte and milky cream in colour so can easily be worn all over the lid as a base or as a non-shimmer highlight. I love using it with my cheaper eyeshadows to prolong their wear time!

What are my plans for the rest of the palette?

Well, I'd quite like to fill the top row with a graduation from Blanc Type all the way to a dark brown. That would be my neutral row, leaving room for slightly more adventurous colours on the other two.

 Coppers, purples, deep greens and rosy pinks - those are the shades I like to use most often.
If you're a MAC fanatic and know your shades, I'd love it if you could recommend me some!

I think if it's within your budget, a MAC Palette would make the most amazing gift - you could start it off and leave the rest up to your loved one's imagination!

Thanks for reading,