Maeve's Christmas Gift Guide! | The Blogger Edition

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another gift guide - this time, it's one for the bloggers.

I wanted to play on the idea of what a 'typical blogger' would want. It's just a bit of fun, nothing too serious and I do think there are some really cool gifts here that anyone would appreciate. As with my other Christmas gift guide, everything featured is sourced from Shufflechristmas but this isn't a sponsored post, I just love the website!

Let's get started!

"Bloggers love tea, candles & cats. They also wear a ton of rings on every finger."

I have to admit, I adhere to nearly all of these stereotypes - I love cats, love candles and am quite partial to a good cuppa. The only one I don't do is wear a load of rings but I must say I do love that look! The peace ring holder would take pride of place on any lady's vanity as would a candle or two! Don't have a cat? Allergic? Cute doorstopper to the rescue!

"Bloggers love cute stationery, mason jars & fluffy socks."

Another confession, I'm an absolute sucker for stationery! But then, if you've read this or this, you might already know that. The notebook would be great for Youtubers planning videos with the video design on front - remember those old things?
I find it kinda odd that mason jars have been a 'trend' as of late but there you go. The ones with lids and straws do look quite handy though. I think they'd make a great gift for anyone, especially someone who's just moved to a new place and is in need of homeware!
I love the idea of using poloroid photos for coasters. A bloggers gonna need somewhere to set their tea while they're typing! Oh, and who said socks were a boring present? I think we'd all appreciate them if they were fluffy and looked as cute as that Boohoo pair do!

Fluffy Socks // Video Notebook // Comic Strip Photo Frame // Scented Rubbers // Pencils // Mason Jars // Poloroid Coaster Maker

If you'd like any other themed gift guides, do let me know and I'll get on it cus these were actually really fun to make!

Thanks for reading,