Weekly Reflect | #12

Hello everyone!

I've been superbly busy & stressed this week - I honestly haven't been able to sit down at my laptop and finish a blog post at all so apologies for the lack of posts! I'm currently taking a minute and sorting some upcoming posts so not to worry.
For now, let's talk about what's been happening recently . . .

a very delicious vanilla cheesecake at Pretty Mary's, Moira on Friday night

This week:

  • . . . I went on a school trip to the Odyssey to see Leave to Remain and have a Q&A session with the director. I thought it was an amazing film - all about young refugees and the struggles they face here in the UK as well as in their home countries. What really intrigued me was that the actors weren't professionally trained, they were all people who had experienced the real situation and were taught how to act in the process of making the film. If you haven't heard about or watched it, it's worth checking out the website here as it's a real eye opener.

    • . . . I've been cutting down on dairy because I think I'm lactose intolerant! No more milky teas for me without a sore tummy.
    • . . . my interview day was on Wednesday! It was a mock interview for a job in marketing and boy, was I terrified. We all had to dress up for the day (£6 Topshop dress from a charity shop!) and it was split up into three parts. First, an aptitude test, then a group discussion and lastly an individual interview. The last part was undoubtedly the scariest but once I was actually there and in the swing of things it went really well! My interviewer said my gap year was probably the best thing I could do if I wanted a creative job and he was even impressed by my blog! Feedback comes tomorrow, fingers crossed!
    • . . . I headed into town yesterday to shop for two 3 year old boys! In my school, we do a charity thing every year where we have to buy clothes/toys for kids who aren't very well off. It helps the parents out and makes a good Christmas possible for loads of families. Every tutor group (form class) gets together some money and goes out and buys the presents. I love shopping so it was a fun activity for me, plus it's for a good cause!


    So that was my week! 
    How was yours?

    Thanks for reading,