Coming soon: The NEW Crafty Creatives box... | #paperhaul

Hello everyone!

As you may know by now, I'm a self-confessed stationery addict. 
I've alway been someone who collects pretty paper and pens for those 'just in case' moments such as, "What if I want to send a personal thank you letter to someone?" or "I'm sure my auntie would love to hear about my week if it's written on pink floral paper." You know what I mean?

There used to be a little craft shop near me where I could stock up on all my crafty goods and I even got friendly with the staff I was in so often! I was gutted when it closed down and I haven't really been able to find a replacement since.

Crafty Creatives have come up with a brilliant idea for those of us who still like to send snail mail and get creative - let's talk about their new #paperhaul box.

Launching very soon, you will be able to order a limited edition box for £10 a month (which I think sounds pretty reasonable) filled with gorgeous bits and pieces such as washi tape, postcards, greeting cards, stickers and of course, pretty paper. There will be a new theme to the box every month so you can collect a wide variety of stationery and have it delivered to your house!

I'm very excited about this indeed, and can't wait to review the box for you right here. I'll be keeping myself posted on all things stationery over on their new Twitter @PaperHaul - go and show them some love, eh?

Are you a stationery collector too?
Do you actually use it all or are you just a hoarder?
What's your favourite thing to collect?

Thanks for reading,