Weekly Reflect | #4

Hello everyone!

What a week.
The world tragically lost one if it's most treasured actors, Robin Williams, leaving so many people heartbroken. His death really affected me in a way very unique to other celebrity passings. For me and many others I've no doubt, his acting filled my childhood with so much happiness and laughter and so I think it's awful he left us in the most opposite state. I don't want to make this a sad space so I'll move on to happier things but I just felt it would be distasteful to gloss over something as poignant in a weekly reflect.


This week:

  • . . . I got my AS Level results! I mentioned them briefly at the end of my back to school haul post and how they were very different to what I was expecting. I'm happy with them but am definitely going to work hard this year (which will be my last year of school!) to improve them.
  • . . . I watched the Great British Bake Off! I've loved this show for so long and this series is no exception! So far I really like Nancy, Norman and Martha, who's the same age as me! I'm also a big fan of Emmerdale and thought Thursday night's episode was extremely dramatic and intense. I'll not give anything away incase you haven't seen it and want to catch up, but prepare for an ending that will leave you very emotional!
  • . . . we had an absolutely delicious blackberry pie made by my mum!
  • . . . I got two lovely parcels in the post, one from Makeup Rumours and the other from Ark Skincare. I'm very surprised at the fantastic quality of the makeup seeing as it's so affordable! My thoughts will be up in a post soon, and I'll be trying out the skincare for a while and you can expect my review on that in the near future.
  • . . . my family and I went out for a lovely dinner on Friday night to Frankie & Benny's which I think is my favourite restaurant, that I've been to so far anyway. I had a yummy Cajun burger then warm chocolate brownies with mint choc chip ice cream for dessert which I'd gladly have again. We all left with very full but very happy tummies!


So that was my last seven days! 
How was your week?

It was also the week when Company magazine announced they would no longer be printing or selling paper copies and would be going digital only. To my mind it's a huge shame because I love flipping through magazine pages! Although when I think about it, I haven't bought a magazine in quite a while and with the whole internet age and blogging, it seems that's just the way things are going. Huge, huge shame - there's just something about those glossy pages that can't be beat, isn't there?

Thanks for reading,