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Hello everyone!

August is well and truly upon us, and for those of you a similar age to myself that means our Summer holidays are nearly over and it’s fast approaching back to school time. I tell myself every year I’m going to get really organised, study every week and do my homework the night I get it. Sound familar? For some reason, we all fool ourselves these "New School Year’s Resolutions". 

Well, this is my last year of school and I’m really going to make an effort to knuckle down and do the best I can. One way I like to prepare myself is to collect stationery, aka the things that make me want to revise. There’s just something so satisfying about a pencil case full of the stuff and a tidy desk with all the tools set out neatly isn't there?

So here's my back to school haul!



Last year I posted about the hunt for a schoolbag and you seemed to like that little series! In the end I went for a colourful bag very reminiscent of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (google him if you don’t recall!) which I got a lot of compliments on throughout the year! It was an Amazon bargain and I still love it, so I turned to Amazon again this year however, to no avail. I searched all the sites I know but nothing struck my attention. I headed to the mothership (Primark) and perused the bag aisles hoping to snap up a bargainous beauty and eventually found this £10 number! It’s quite the opposite to last years bag but I’m thinking of tying a colourful scarf round it to jazz it up a bit. 

thrift o'clock

What do you think?
It's a lot roomier than it would seem which is great for me. I only do three subjects, one being Art and another being Media Studies so the only one I really need to carry around notes for is French. However I do also need to bring my homework diary, pencil case, file block, lunch and purse as well as other bits and bobs so I want a bag that will be able to house all of that without being too bulky. It’s a tall order. Well done Primark, you’ve done well with this half velvet half mock croc satchel!

thrift o'clock


If you can go into Primark and resist buying more than one thing then give yourself a round of applause. Seriously, that is some serious pat on the back material. I find it so tempting and always end up needing to get a basket. 

I've been wanting to downsize my purse from the big River Island wallet I’ve been lugging around for quite a while now but still be able to hold all of my cards, coins and notes nice and snug. The lucky purse that came home with me was this little bow adorned grey one! I admit this wasn't on my list of priorities but I was going to get one sometime anyway and £3 doesn't hurt too much!

thrift o'clock

Next on my shopping list was a pencil case. I knew I wanted to find one in ol’ Primarni as they always have such pretty makeup bags which can also be used as stationery homes! Well I only went and found the most beautiful one EVER. Pastel pink and a bow. Two zipped compartments! £3. What more can I say. Pencil case – check. Or so I thought until I spotted this palm print bag out of the corner of my eye, hidden amongst a bunch of clothes for just £1 and realised this would be my pencil case. What about the pink bow bag, you ask? I tried to put it back. I tried to tell myself I didn’t need it, I really, really did. But the pink and the bow proved to be too powerful and I succombed. New makeup bag love.


For me, it's important get the best deals on stationery and so I got these six items in Poundland for, you guessed it, £6!

thrift o'clock

If there’s ever a pink option of anything, 9 times out of 10 I’ll choose it and that’s what happened with this expanding file. It’s got 5 sections so that’s one for each subject and two for other miscellaneous notes.  

thrift o'clock

Some other self explanatory items, a file block, pens and highlighters! If you do art, you’ll know glue sticks are extremely necessary. They also get used up so quickly so I got myself 6 which should do me for a while! 

thrift o'clock

Last but not least from Poundland, I decided to pick up this cute little whiteboard which I’m going to put near my desk at home to remind me of upcoming deadlines and tasks to do. Anything to get more on top of things!


Well there you have it! 
That's everything I got for going back to school, the only thing I need to get now is shoes! I find school shoes the hardest to find - where do you get yours?

Are you ready for going back to school?
Do you love stationery as much as I do?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I got my AS Level results yesterday. I'm quite pleased with them overall but they were completely not what I expected them to be. I did the worst in French which I thought would be my top grade, and I thought I was going to do much worse in Art and Media Studies yet I did best in those. I'm confused! I put so much work into my French, I wasn't really satisfied with my Art and I came out of my Media exam a bit disheartened. So I do feel quite mixed up, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm not disappointed but I know I have to work really hard this coming year. I know that 3 letters on paper don't determine my life and if you're in the same position as me, don't worry. It's not the be all and end all. If you'd like to share your results with me feel free go ahead and do so in the comments or drop me a tweet, I'm proud of you no matter what you got!