Townin' Around | OOTD #2

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you the outfit I wore last Sunday when I went into town with my family. My sister was working at her new job and needed a lift in and out, and it was only a short shift so it made sense to kill two birds with one stone and all go in for a walk around town until she was finished. The sun was beaming down so I needed something that would keep me cool but also be comfy as I would be walking around for a few hours. I did try on a possible formal dress but it just didn't look right on me or fit right. The hunt continues!


Jeans: Fashion Union
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Primark

Comfort and jeans aren't two words that usually go hand in hand, but trust me when I say this pair is the comfiest I've ever worn. I bought them in November last year and they've been so good to me in all that time, I've worn them on nights out as well as chill-in-the-house days and they fit both purposes down to a tee.

Speaking of tee's, this gorgeous printed number was kindly gifted to me by Laundry Boutique, an independent shop home to some lovely pieces. I picked out this top because to me, it screamed Summer and is very on trend right now what with the moment palm trees seem to be having. It even came wrapped in pretty blue tissue paper which just goes to show they go the extra step for you! Aesthetically, it's no doubt stunning but on the comfort scale it's actually such a winner. There's something about the way the shoulders sit that gives it a super relaxed feel along with the fact it's quite lightweight and has a bit of stretch in the fabric. I might wear this to an upcoming concert I have in August, but it'll have to be with something high waisted on the bottoms as any arm lifting results in some cheeky belly action going on!

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You may have seen the shoes and bag in my recent haul but here they are being put to work! As I said in that post, I thought the bag would be great for days when I didn't need to cart around a whole load of stuff, and it was! Just my purse, phone and portable phone charger (see here for details on that). Unfortunately the shoes got scuffed a bit but in the grand scheme of things I don't really mind! 


Whilst in town, I actually stopped off in two coffee shops. Oops. My dad and brother weren't really interested in looking for a formal dress so we split ways and they did their thing while my mum and I did ours. Thirsty from shopping, Costa was beckoning us with it's refreshing drinks on that warm (yes, I repeat, actually warm?!) Summer's day. I went for an iced cappuccino with was suitably delicious.

A little while later we met up with the boys again who hadn't had anything to drink yet. Coffee shop numero two happened to be Caffรจ Nero, a place I'd never actually been to before but I think may just be my new favourite. Sorry Costa! Us girls shared a pot of tea and it was black coffee for the boys. The tea was spot on. I'll definitely be going back to try their cold drinks, especially as the shop itself had such a lovely, chilled atmosphere.

In between caffeine fixes, I went into some charity shops which sadly is something I haven't been able to do for a while. I took home a gorgeous maxi dress as well as a pair of Topshop shorts which you will be able to see in outfit posts to come, if you'd like!

Overall, it was a great day out and I'm so glad I didn't put a jacket on over this - I nearly did but it would've been just too warm!

What's your go-to comfy Summer outfit?
What's your favourite coffee shop and what's your usual order?

Thanks for reading,