Timeless Truth Beauty Masks | REVIEW Pt. 1

Hello everyone!

A little while ago, the ever so lovely Angela from TT Beauty Masks reached out to me and offered to send some face masks my way. My skin was feeling quite lack lustre at the time so I happily agreed! I do feel the need to say how lovely she was, she was really friendly and supportive, even wishing me good luck with blogging!

For me, face masks are a rare treat every now and again and my combination, leaning on dry skin is always thankful when I do indulge in one. I usually go for the creamy kind so Timeless Truth's cloth masks were a new experience for me.

So how did I get on?

I received 4 masks, but I'm going to be splitting my reviews into two parts so you don't get overloaded all in one go.
This is the first half, so make sure you look out for the second!

When I apply face masks, it's mostly always in the evenings, as a wind down treat. However, due to the nature of these masks - to rejuvenate and revitalise - I thought it best to use them in the morning to wake me up. I found the cloth and plastic cover a bit fiddly at first but I soon figured it out! It instructed on the packet to apply chin first but I thought it made more sense starting with the forehead and that's what worked for me. Call the police, face mask rulebreaker over here! One of the reasons I don't normally use cloth masks is that I'm worried they might be too big or too small for my face. I smoothed the masks over and there was a little extra cloth that didn't stop at my chin, but I just folded it under which I suppose is better because more area covered? You know you agree with my logic!

Now that we've established they're good for all face sizes, just how well do they work?



I was greeted with a fresh smell - not floral, not fruity, not overpowering - just fresh and clean like newly washed skin, times ten. It felt goood, very cooling and slightly tingly at the start. The cloth was soaked in a rich serum which really made this mask feel luxurious. And it really is soaked, to excess, which again is a benefit in disguise as the leftover serum can be massaged into your hands, elbows, arms, legs - all over! Oh, and another big tip when using serum-soaked cloth masks is to get a towel. During the time when applying, both masks dripped a lot on the floor so I had to scramble to get one! Now you know, you can be that organised, stress free person that I wasn't. And nothing goes to waste.

15-20 minutes was the recommended time to keep it on and I did the full 20. After removing, my skin did feel very smooth and fresh, but not hugely hydrated or boosted as promised. I suppose my skin is still very young so doesn't need those properties as much, but I definitely felt this mask was more of a feel-good one rather than a big benefit giver. I did however, notice my skin was looking even more bright the next morning.



Again with that lovely fresh smell and serum goodness! All the characteristics are the same with this mask except for the colour and the effects.

 What I noticed straight away with this mask was how cold this felt on the skin! I thought the first mask was cooling but this was another level. If you're suffering on a really hot Summer's day I can imagine this would be wonderful. I can only imagine because when I applied it, it was quite cold and damp outside, despite being July! Oh, Northern Irish weather is a treat.

With regards to the effects this mask gave afterwards, I definitely noticed more of a difference than the Rejuvenation mask. My skin really did feel nourished and smooth. The texture and complexion of my skin was evened out and there was an all over toned and glowing effect. I noticed in particular my under eye area was so improved! If only my skin could feel this good everyday, makeup would apply like a dream!


Messy, half air-dried hair! 
The mask would crinkle anytime I smiled or laughed, much to my sisters amusement!

Overall, I did enjoy these masks but preferred the Multipeptide Revitalising which I would have no bother paying £4.95 for. 

Have you ever tried TT Beauty Masks?
Which face masks would you recommend?

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