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Hello everyone!

Being a blogger, student and well, human being, I think it's a given that I love a bit of stationery. Especially new stationery. Always have, always will. 
Call us sad but when we were younger, I remember my friend and I used to love pretending to be business owners and work in an office. Those pretend phonecalls we answered and imaginary business agendas we used to jot down in our notebooks - ah, good times. There's just something about having everything organised that's incredibly satisfying, agree?


A wee while ago I was approached to review some stationery and other bits and bobs from an online shop called Viking Direct. I happily said yes and these are the items I chose.

Viking Direct is a site where basically you can find a wide variety of office supplies, crafty things, techy bits and even coffee. It makes sense really, they have your work needs covered as well as break time!

The first item is the one I was probably most excited for, the Veho Pebble Smartstick. You know the story, you're out and about and your phone dies. Shock horror, #firstworldproblems. For me, it's usually at the end of a day out when I want to listen to music on the journey home.

You simply charge the stick using the lead and corresponding input, plugging that into your laptop. It takes a good while to charge up, but once full you can then take this very portable problem solver around with you to top up your charge throughout the day. 

It works with Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry and HTC devices but I can only speak for my Samsung S3 Mini and say it's a good'un. I found it took about 5 hours to charge the stick and then took 2-3 hours to get my phone back to full charge.

I tend to go for the pink option of anything if there is one, but if it's not your colour then it's also available in purple or a more neutral black or silver. At just under a tenner I think this is definitely worth it. 
New handbag staple?

Notebooks. How could anyone be without them?
Make them pink and mini and I'm in. These have a really nice texture and well made, the paper is of quality and I just love the little opening message. Say hello to my new blogging notebooks!

Also say hello to my new makeup brush storage. 
I loved the topsy turvy design on the website and the fact that it's white makes it look so pristine. I'm sure most of you will have at least seen a RT brush so I've set mine inside so you can get an idea of size. I will say that I did expect it to be a little sturdier, not that it's broken or anything, it just looks a little fragile. I can't see any harm coming to it if it's just going to be sitting on my shelf though.

Good old felt tip pens. 
This brand takes me back to my childhood again as we had them in primary school. I think Viking Direct would be a pretty good site for teachers as they offer good multipack deals. I want to use these for general doodles as you really can't go wrong with them!

Another old favourite, index flag post-its.
I actually have a couple of obscure ways to use these if you'd like a post on that? 

Last but not least, this cube of four drawers.

Now, they call it a desk organiser but I'm not sure if that's not I will actually use it for. I already have a way to keep my stationery tidy so I might use it to store some makeup but do let me know what you think. It's got a good amount of room inside and what I like about it is that they have other variations of cubes which you can stack together.
What would you use it for?


Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you?
No, I wouldn't.
This post contains products which were sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions are honest and my own.

Thanks for reading,