Free Nails Inc polish with Glamour magazine!

Hey everyone!

One of the reasons I love blogging is that you find out where to find plenty of bargains and freebies.
If it wasn't for the amazing bloggers I follow, I wouldn't know about this particular little goodie!

This little goodie is, that when you buy the December issue of Glamour magazine, you get the choice of 4 full size Nails Inc nail polishes! For FREE.

The choices available are Elizabeth Street (pale pink) Glamour Glitter (gold glitter) Motcomb Street (dark blue) and St James (red).

I know many bloggers took the opportunity to get all 4 (lucky them!) in fact, even when I was in Easons buying the magazine, I saw a woman, three magazines in hand, frantically searching for the fourth to collect that last polish. But me, just got the one. I didn't need another red, the dark blue didn't appeal to me, and the gold glitter isn't very dense which I discovered after reading Fee's post about it here so didn't really appeal to me either.

So I decided on the pale pink - Elizabeth Street!
My beloved Barry M's Baby Pink is decreasing rapidly and has started to go a bit gloopy so this Nails Inc polish is here to fill my needs for a new pale pink polish!

It's also my first Nails Inc polish ever!
It comes in a lovely box.

I think even if you didn't like the magazine, you could just buy it anyway and give the magazine away but keep the polish for yourself ;)
It's not really a teenage magazine, and there's so many advertisements in it, but some of the things I read were interesting and Cheryl Cole's interview was interesting to read. The magazine's not really my cup of tea, I've only bought Glamour once before because Nicki Minaj was interviewed in an issue last year (and I love her! don't judge). 
What I'm trying to say is, even if you don't like the magazine, you are basically buying a Nails Inc polish for £2, a massive bargain because they retail at £11!

Have you bought this months issue of Glamour?
What freebies have you got in magazines lately?

Maeve :)