Recent Purchases: a little bit of everything!

Hey lovelies!

It's hard to believe we're almost finished October - what a quick month this has been! - for me anyway. But we all know what that means . . . one month closer to Christmas!
This month I've picked up plenty of lovely things so I thought I'd group them all together and show you.

NYC Nail Polish - Clear

I was out shopping in Superdrug with my sister about 2 weeks ago, when she decided to hand me this and told me to buy it for us. She's 18, she shouldn't be telling her 15 year old sister to buy her things! But anyway, it wasn't expensive and we needed a clear polish so I didn't argue. I say 'we needed' because we share nail polishes - sisterly love haha! ;)

Miss Sporty Metal Flip nail polish

I picked this up yesterday - I wanted to get a really unusual colour and this fits the bill. It's so unique, and hard to describe, I'd say it's black with tons of purple shimmer thrown in and a hint of that 'rainbow spilled petrol' colour? If you get what I mean. Nevertheless I love it - amazing for Halloween!

Models Own trio of nail polishes £6

I also got these little miracles yesterday! The day before, I actually read on a couple of blogs that TK Maxx had OPI and lots of other amazing things instore. So I decided to walk into my local TK Maxx and I was stunned. Their beauty shelves amaze me. They had so many fantastic things . . .Orly polishes, Calvin Klein makeup, OPI polish sets, a couple of packets of Models Own trios! Just the other day I posted on here a Models Own wishlist! I never owned any of their polishes - I've also never owned any OPI polishes but when I went in the only OPI thing was a Serena Williams set of a khaki green and white shatter which didn't appeal to me. But this did. It's a massive bargain - it retails at £15, TK Maxx were asking for £7.99 but then it was in the sale for £6!

Left to right:
Champagne - Pink Lady - Peacock Green

Champagne is fast becoming my new favourite polish.
I'm telling you, if you have a TK Maxx near you, don't walk pass it!

Revlon lipgloss - Coral Reef

This is a Poundland bargain I got a couple of weeks ago. It's a lovely coral colour, super pigmented and glossy and such a bargain. I looked it up on the internet and I think it usually costs £6.99? What more could you ask for?

MUA Professional Eye Primer

If you read my blog often then you'll know I'm a massive fan of MUA. Their eye primer has been recommended to me by a few bloggers here so I went and got it - haven't used it yet but no doubt I'll let you know how I get on with it.

MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner

I picked this up yesterday after wanting it for quite a while now - I swatched it on my hand once and I'm telling you, it doesn't budge! The swatch stayed on til the next day so I'm excited to see how well this works on my lids.

MUA Every Lash mascara

This is now my everyday mascara. I was previously using Benefit They're Real, which I used until it could be used no more because I loved it so much, so I needed something really good to succeed it. Every Lash does exactly what it says on the tin (tube) - it coats every lash which is brilliant obviously. It does smell like apples! This might be off putting for some, but it really doesn't bother me. I can smell it when applying but the scent doesn't linger. I do love it, but I wouldn't say it's as good as my holy grail Benefit mascara. It's an excellent successor though, at £3 it's a much more purse friendly mascara!

River Island 3 heart shaped rings

I almost walked past River Island yesterday until I spied the 50% off signs in their windows. I rarely buy anything from River Island unless it's in the sale (far too expensive for me) so I walked in hoping to find something bargainous. And did I? Yes! I had a good poke around the jewellery section and picked out these rings. They didn't have a price on them so I asked a girl who worked there and said they were £1 so I didn't hesitate to run to the checkout! They're so tiny and cute - heart shaped in gold, silver and rose gold colours. For school, the rules say we can only wear one small ring so I've been on the hunt for a pretty small ring - and when layered these do the job very nicely!

So many ways you can wear them!

Handbag (from charity shop)

You know me, I love a good thrifty bargain. This is a little 'sit on the elbow' type bag in a dark olive green. I love it and it's in excellent condition, not much more I can say!


So there we have it, my recent purchases in the month of October.
What have you bought recently?
Want any individual reviews? Just say in the comments!

P.S. You'll notice in the very first picture there is a bottle of Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion, but the picture I took of it went missing. I love this so much - the scent is to die for and it works wonders on dry skin.

M :)