What's In My Schoolbag?

Hey everyone!

I'm off school sick again today, but I've had this post planned for a while now so I thought I'd actually write and post it while I have the time!

I'm going to show you my school bag and everything I take to school in it.

This is my school bag!
It's from TK Maxx. I got it during the summer and I think it cost me £19.99.
It's not that pricey if you see what other places have to offer!
What I love about TK Maxx is that you can get great designer brands at marked down prices. I think this was a lot more expensive than I actually paid for it at TK Maxx, so when you think about it, I did get a bargain.
I'm not sure if it is real leather, but it does feel very soft and smooth and it's showing no signs of wear and tear after the first month of school, so I'm happy!

This is the front of the bag! It's mainly a pretty coral pink colour with dark brown accents and gold look features. I really like the way it opens, there's a part you squeeze and it unlocks so it's secure!

This is the back of the bag - as you can see there is a zip which opens up to an extra little compartment . . . .

. . . . . which looks like the picture above!

This is how the bag looks sitting down when it's unlocked. There is also a zip on top which opens up to the main part of the bag . . . . .

. . . . . and this is what it looks like after you've opened that zip and looked inside! It's spacious and has a lovely beige material lining with a rose pattern. In here, you have another small zipped compartment and two pockets - one smaller to put a phone, and one bigger to put whatever you like!


This is the entire contents of my school bag!
Looks like a lot when it's all spread out, doesn't it?

I have to take:
  • Ring binder file (where I keep all my physics, chemistry and biology work)
  • Expanding folder (where I keep all of my work from subjects that aren't sciences)
  • Periodic table (for chemistry)
  • French vocabulary book (to write french vocab in of course!)
  • Book of file paper (to write down notes for all subjects)
  • Homework diary/planner
  • Pencil case
  • Calculator
  • Glasses case (I got glasses in the summer!)
  • Makeup/beauty products bag 
  • Purse 
  • Natural Collection vanilla body spray
  • Packet of tissues 

my homework diary
This is the inside pages of my homework diary. I can't show you the front cover because it has my school name and logo on it - I don't want to put that on the internet! Basically, everyone in school gets one of these to write what their homework for each subject is each day - so we don't forget - and also any upcoming tests or events we have to remember. Very useful!

my pencil case, calculator and science file

I'm doing Biology, Chemistry and Physics for GCSE - wish me luck, I'll need it!

my periodic table
My chemistry teacher insists we bring this to school everyday, safe in a poly pocket because it is the most important thing we need for chemistry!

my beauty bag, Natural Collection vanilla body spray, packet of tissues and purse
A packet of tissues is essential, especially now it's coming into the Autumn and Winter. I'm sick at the minute so I'm going through these packets faster than you can say 'achooow!'
I also loooove this vanilla body spray, I always get compliments when I spray it. I usually like to switch up the body spray I bring to school, sometimes it will be the passion fruit version of this (delightful is the only word to describe it) or the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly spray, or whatever I'm liking at the time.
I bring my purse to school with me so I can go to the shop after school and get sweets sometimes - naughty me, eh?

contents of my beauty bag
I'm not really the type of girl who likes to touch up her makeup half way through the school day. I like it to go on in the morning and stay there. I know people who do have to reapply foundation and powder at break times, but that's a big nono for me. Too much bother and hassle!
All I bring to school with me are some little essentials I may need during the day. 
These include . . . . .

  • MUA Love Hearts 'Sweet Kiss' lip balm - I got it about 2 weeks ago, and it's already a firm favourite of mine. 
  • LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub - I got this last Christmas and it's still showing no signs of emptiness any time soon. It's amazing for exfoliating the lips - if you can stop yourself from licking it, it tastes so good haha! I'll usually apply this and then a lip balm.
  • Superdrug 'The Little Pink Tin' - I got this ages ago, it's basically vaseline, clear in colour, and to me, it has so apparent scent. However, my friend told me a few days ago it smells like cherries! I remember buying it because it was a bit cheaper than vaseline and it comes in such a pretty tin! 

I'll bring one or two of these to school with me at a time, but recently I've just been using the MUA lip balm.

I like to bring a comb, a hair bobble and a few hair slides with me, just in case.
I always need a hair bobble if I'm cooking in school (I do Home Economics), and the comb and hair slides are in the bag just for those "my hair has decided to frizz out to resemble Marge Simpson crossed between a grizzly bear" days. You all know what sort of days I mean, surely? ;) 
Some of these hair slides (the coloured ones) are ones I actually painted myself with nail polish. If you're sick and tired of boring hair slides, get your polish collection out and have fun!

And then there's Soap & Glory Hand Food. The most astonishing hand cream ever they call it, and I do agree. Well, the best I've tried anyway! Coming into the colder months my hands do dry out often, so this is a life saver for me! I'll either use this or cocoa butter.


So there you have it! That is everything I bring to school with me.
I do bring my phone and iPod but I keep these in my school blazer.

What do you bring to school?
Do we both bring anything that is similar?
What's a must have for your handbag?

I love getting comments so feel free to comment away!

M :)