My MUA Wishlist/Collection Challenge!

Hello everyone!

Since my local Superdrug now stocks the full range of MUA products, I'm thinking of making quite a big wishlist and trying to get everything on it over a number of weeks.

This is how my wishlist looks:

The Artiste Collection
The Artiste Collection

This intrigues me. First of all, you get eyeshadows, blushers, and contouring and highlighting powders. All for £6 - bargain. Second, those eyeshadows are odd, but interesting. I think this should be worth a go. It's brand new so I'm not sure if it's in shops yet (maybe it's just online).

Dusk Til Dawn Palette
I don't really wear eyeshadow a lot, but this palette speaks to me. A lot of people rave about the MUA Undressed palette which is supposed to be an Urban Decay Naked palette dupe (Undressed/Naked - MUA are clever haha!). However, it's mainly browns -  a colour I don't tend to wear on the eyes. The Dusk Til Dawn palette is much more to my likings. You've got the white (a necessity for me), neutrals, blues and a black. Ticks all the boxes, for me anyway!

Gel Eyeliner in 'Underground'

Never tried gel liners before, and I've always wanted to - so hopefully these are good! I love the blue colour.
Gel Eyeliner in 'Tribe'
Extreme Felt Eyeliner
I've heard quite a lot about how good this is, and I love my eyeliner, especially cat flicks so I'm happy to give this a go for just two pounds!
Extreme Curl Mascara
The mascara I love is Benefit They're Real! - for me, nothing else makes my lashes go the way I want them. It is expensive - I was lucky enough to get it as a gift - but I'm looking out for a less expensive replacement.

Professional Eye Primer
As I said, I don't really wear eyeshadows much, but when I do, I'd like to have a primer to keep them it in place. No one wants to come home from a party or night out to look in the mirror and see their eyeshadow has decided to have a little adventure half way down their cheeks! Also, I'm hoping this will keep eyeliners in place? And also hopefully it will stop foundation from creasing in the lids?
Love Hearts Lip Balm in 'Kiss Me'
I got this in 'Sweet Lips' and I'm in love with it! I really want to try out the other shades.

Love Hearts Lip Balm in 'Hot Lips'

Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Sealed With A Kiss'
I saw some swatches for these here and they look fantabuloso.

Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Lips Are Sealed'

Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Smooch'

Lip Boom in 'OMG'
4 in 1, what more can you ask for? I hope these are as good as they look. I'm not a fan of big glitter in lipglosses, so I'm not so sure about that side of it, but I am impressed that you get a lot for your money. If these live up to expectations, I'll be a very happy girl indeed.

Lip Boom in 'Bring It'

Blush Perfection Cream Blusher in 'Bittersweet'
I've swatched the regular MUA blushes instore, and none of the colours stand out to me. I think this will, and I like that it's a cream blush. 

Shimmer Kisses Blusher in 'Pink Shimmer Kisses'
I love blushes that are mosaic! Especially if they have very pale pinks in them - hello highlighter. 

Nail Quake Crackle Glitter Polish in 'Gold'
Despite the fact I LOVE doing my nails, I don't have that big a collection of polishes! I have the bare minimum rainbow of colours. I have two glitter polishes (I know, shame on me). One is clear with silver glitter, and the other is black crackle with gold glitter. I'm trying to build up my polish collection so I hope to get these soon!

Nail Quake Crackle Glitter Polish in 'Silver'

Nail Quake Crackle Glitter Polish in 'Blue'

I'm also hoping to get some more lipsticks and some of their regular nail polishes too, but I haven't decided on particular shades. 

I know, this will be quite a big haul, but I'm not buying it all at once, I hope to save up and buy maybe one or two things at a time, and have a collection of MUA products in a few months time! 

I posted this for a few reasons. 

1) In case any of you are curious/interesting in this sort of thing. 

2) In case some of you have these products and can tell me if they are worth buying. 

3) If any of you want to take this challenge to have a collection of MUA in a few months with me!


I love your comments, don't hesitate to post what you think!

M :)