My everyday school makeup!

Hello lovelies!

If you've been reading my blog over the past couple of days, you'll know I've been off school sick the last two days, but it's Wednesday and I was back at school today!
I'm still a little under the weather but I'm getting better - as much as I love relaxing at home, I find that actually getting up and doing work helps me recover! 

Anyway, since I was at school today, I thought I'd show you the makeup I wear to school everyday.
I'll let you know, that according to my school rules, I'm only allowed to wear a light foundation and that is all - but I do break the rules a little ;)
Trust me, most of the girls in my year wear a lot more than me, and I've never got told off or got a detention for my makeup being over the top. Mine is quite minimal and natural, I don't cake myself in the stuff, believe me.

Here is everything I use!

(Oh and Hand Food is there because I use it every morning on my hands, not my face haha!)

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation in 'Porcelain'
I only started using this quite recently and I do really like it. I don't have to use an awful lot of it to get the coverage I want - which is not heavy, because it's only for school and I just want to even out my skin tone.

Rimmel London Clear Complexion Powder in 'Transparent'
To be honest, I couldn't wear the foundation without this! I never needed to use powder when I used Bourjois foundations, but with the L'Oreal I do need to otherwise it will run down my face and look oily and unappealing. And I don't have oily skin! 

Anyway, I can't praise this powder enough, it does exactly what it claims to do - clear and clarify your complexion. I'm lucky enough not to have ever had bad spots, I only get the occasional one once in a while, but this really does a good job anyway of making my skin look just right. I've even got compliments on my skin being very clear since using this, so it must be good!

Accessorize Blusher in 'Scandal'

I got this as part of a gift set a while ago, and I do like it a lot. Blusher is quite difficult for me to find in a shade that I like, but this is just what I want from a blusher. It's a really natural pinky glow - that's the only way I can describe it! It is a baked blusher and in the pot it looks like dark pink with gold marbled through it. It doesn't come out as dark on the face which is something I personally like, and the gold definitely adds a shimmer which isn't too noticeable or shocking at all - another plus for me. It just gives a little bit of life to your face!

MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm in 'Sweet Kiss'

You will know how much I love this if you've read my blog recently. 
It is fantastic: moisturising, a natural looking colour, inexpensive and formulation like a lip gloss or glaze.
It adds a really nice glossy sheen to the lips - I can't tell you how much I recommend this enough!

Benefit They're Real! Mascara 

And this is the real star of the show. 
For me, it's hands down the best mascara I've ever used.
I know you're only supposed to keep a mascara for a couple of months, but I won't lie to you. I've used this same one since I got it last Christmas and it's still as good as ever.
Yes, it's expensive, so I'm super grateful I got it as a gift.
For school I'm not allowed mascara, and if you're wanting only a subtle mascara this is not the one for you! But I just love having big, voluminous, long lashes and won't sacrifice them for school rules. Yes, you're reading the blog of a rebel right now haha ;)
I'm blessed with long lashes anyway, but because I have light coloured hair, the tips of my eyelashes are also very light, so give the illusion of shorter lashes. They're Real mascara accentuates my lashes and makes them perform to their true potential.
I could rave about how good this is, but I'd be here til Christmas! 
On the subject of Christmas, I think I'll be asking Santa for this as he was so kind to gift it to me last year ;)
Apparently this is the UK Number 1 selling mascara, and I can see why.

If you're interested, this whole lot costs £41.78 (not including Hand Food).
Which really, compared to a lot of "How much does my face cost?" tag posts I've read is very budget! 
This is only a minimal school look though, so of course it isn't as much as a look you would create for going out.


It's less than 3 months away.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who's super excited?!
In my opinion, giving presents makes me feel A MILLION times better than receiving. I like people to feel appreciated and I put a lot of thought into my gifts so I need to start saving because I have already started to think about what I want to give people as presents!


What's your everyday makeup?
Are you allowed makeup in school, and do you rebel a little like me? ;)
And really, please tell me I'm not the only one excited for Christmas!

M :)