Thrifty Haul! - Pink, Paisley and Pretty Rings

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? Anyone get their GCSE results yesterday?
I did two GCSE modules, for maths and religion, and I got . . . both A's! I was, and still am in shock! Honestly don't know how I pulled that one off, but it's given me even more motivation for the rest of my GCSE's next year.

Also, I went to the cinema the other day to see Brave. Have any of you seen it? 


Here are the things I got on my last thrifting trip, hope you like! 

Pink Shirt
Brand: Primark
Price I Paid: £2 . 80

I've wanted a shirt like this for so long, and I'm glad I finally found it in pink!
It is collarless with buttons, an inside pocket and rolled up sleeves.
It's long enough that I can wear it on a lazy day with leggings, and also tucked into jeans for an effortless day time look.

I found it in a UK Size 6, but it really doesn't look like it. I'm usually a UK Size 6/8 but this shirt is definitely oversized. 
I find Primark sizing tends to be a bit hit and miss, but with this shirt I really don't mind at all!

I adore rolled up sleeves! Something about them just makes me feel more comfy? 

 Paisley Print Hair Bandana
Brand: (unknown)
Price I Paid: £1.99

These bandanas were all the teenage-rage last year, but I never felt the need to go out and get one. Fast forward one year and I've only went and bought one.
They have a wire inside to keep it in place - but honestly, I find it quite tricky to get it to stay the way I want it, and the wire has tangled itself inside already.
Not that I regret buying this, it's just I don't want to bother sticking it on my head, so I'm going to attach it to a handbags straps and tie it in a bow.

The print on this is beautiful!

Double Rose Ring
Brand: (unknown)
Price I Paid: 99p

I've started to really love wearing rings, and this is a lovely addition to my small yet ever-growing collection! 
And what's more, it was on sale from £1.99 down to 99p - how lucky am I?

Plain Silver Rings
Brand: (from a stall inside the mall - hey that rhymes;) )
Price I Paid: 10p each (50p in total)

To add to my collection of rings, I've been on the look out for plain silver rings just to stack on fingers, but they are actually so expensive! I almost bought a pack of 10 plain rings for £3.99 in a retail shop a few weeks ago - lucky I didn't because I stumbled across these the other day!

In the mall I go to, there are usually small stalls inside that people set up in the...corridors. (if that's what you call them?) They sell all sorts of pretty things from handmade jewellery, cakes and buns, bath soaps and more.

My eyes danced when I found a man selling these for just 10p each!

What do you think of the items I found?
Found anything similar yourself lately?

M :)