The first ever item I bought from a charity shop.

The first thing I ever bought from a charity shop was not bought on my first trip to a charity shop. The first time I ever ventured into one of these shops was a sort of 'lets just see what there is' outing. I hadn't really got to grips with what thrifting was all about yet, so it was only on my second time visiting that I bought something.

And that something was a checked shirt. I was looking through a cluttered rack of all sorts of tops and t-shirts, when I found it. This is what it looks like.

Of course, the sleeves can be rolled down but I always wear them rolled up. I also like to button it up to the top button.

It's originally from Primark, but I only noticed this when I got it home. It doesn't bother me though, I found it in excellent condition, and I've never seen it in a Primark store, so I am very pleased with it. If I remember correctly I paid £2.50 for it, which is nothing to complain about!
It's a UK size 10, which isn't actually my size - I wear a UK size 6 or 8, but this fits me very well. This is why you can't be put off by sizes in a thrift store!

Just as I was walking up to buy this shirt, I saw that inside the glass counter there was some jewellery, so I asked for a pink bracelet, and this is it:

I like it a lot, and it was only 50p! Bargain. I was so happy.

And that was all I bought on that day. A shirt and a bracelet for under a fiver? This would be unheard of from an ordinary shop. This is why I love thrifting.

What was the first thing you ever bought from a charity shop/thrift store?