Weekly Reflect #69

In the past week we both saw out the end of 2015 and saw in the beginning of 2016 and it was quite fabulous. It's time to reflect!

Yankee Candle
This week . . .

. . . began with a trip to the shops with my parents to check out the bargains and grab a bit of lunch. It was one of the loveliest Mondays ever and although exhausting for me, I was feeling so happy so I didn't care so much that I wasn't well!

I also couldn't get over some of the sales that were going on! I managed to get some pet stuff, a new dressing gown (which is the fluffiest item of clothing on the planet, fact) and the Liz Earle Beauty Favourites Collection. The set was £14.67 down from £22 and the contents are worth over £34! Clearly I got caught up in the spending madness cus I came home and made a couple of online orders on Yankee Candle & Liz Earle too. Woooooops. But hey, they were really good deals. Plus I've got a bunch of stuff I love and will be able to talk about here on the blog soon!

Liz Earle
On Tuesday I got up quite early and took my new camera outside to take photos of the beautiful morning! I was genuinely filled with pure joy which I think shows just a little in this selfie of sorts I took in the reflection of the back window of my dad's car.

The middle of the week was spent doing some major organising in preparation for the new year and I also took the time to write a post-it note poem. 2015 was a huge year for me and I learnt a lot!


I rang in the new year in the company of my family while watching Jools Holland with food, as per usual. And I wouldn't have had it any other way - bliss.

Weekly Reflect #69
(Yup, I like peanut butter.)

On new years day we only went and made a chocolate house, didn't we? Last week on Boxing Day my mum presented me with a gingerbread house mould kit (which she forgot to wrap and give the day before) and we chose to melt down some chocolate, let it set and build a house with the pieces!

That day I also won Shona's MAC lipstick giveaway (never won a blog giveaway before, IT'S ALL GOOD) and that night we finally got a new episode of Sherlock to watch! No spoilers here, apart from the fact I think it was the best thing I've ever watched.

Chocolate house

As for yesterday, it was the day we finally took down the Christmas tree & decorations. In a way it's sad to let it all go for another year but I'm also quite pleased to be getting some normality & tidiness back, yknow?


So that was my week! I wanna know what you got up to, get involved in the comments below and let me know!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,