Warm Me Up For Winter // tag & collab!

Today's post is the Warm Me Up For Winter tag! It's a bunch of Winter themed questions which Megan and I decided to collaborate on so make sure you check out her answers after you've read mine!

Warm Me Up For Winter tag
1) What's your favourite hot chocolate?

When it comes to hot chocolate I'm not picky. I don't think there's such thing as a bad one but if I have the choice, I'll take the Cadbury Wispa hot chocolate! If you haven't tried it but you like the chocolate bar you're in for a treat, it's so bubbly and delicious!

2) What are your favourite PJ's, fluffy socks & slippers?

Currently I'm loving my new Cookie Monster pyjama bottoms from Primark which I wear with just any old baggy top. I have a silly amount of fluffy socks - too many to pick a favourite. When I wear them with my pink fluffy slippers, also from Primark, my feet are in fluffy, toasty paradise!

3) What's your favourite thing about Winter?

I really can't pick just one thing because for me, it's the mixture of everything that makes it my favourite season. The weather, the atmosphere, the fashion, the food . . . also the fact that the majority of my family including myself have Winter birthdays plays a part!

Warm Me Up For Winter tag
4) What's your favourite Winter lip product?

Can I choose three? A red lip is my go to and my favourites right now are the Zoella Vanilla Cream lip balm if I just want a pretty tint and the Clinique Cherry Pop lipstick if I'm feeling like a bolder colour. And of course the LUSH bubblegum lip scrub is an essential for keeping my lips soft and smooth.

5) What's your favourite Winter candle?

I have a whole bunch! Yankee Candle always do incredible Wintery scents, my top three being Merry Marshmallow, Snow in Love and Cranberry Ice. The ultimate festive candle in my opinion is Red Apple Wreath, it instantly reminds me of Christmas everytime I smell it!

6) What's your favourite cosy jumper?

It has to be this red & white patterned one from Exhibit. Admittedly I wear it all year round because there really is nothing cosier. My sister always 'borrows' it when she's home for Christmas too!

Warm Me Up For Winter tag
7) What's your favourite cosy scarf?

If I'm wearing a plain outfit, I love popping on my red & green ASOS scarf as it makes me feel festive in seconds and stops me from getting the chills too. Even warmer however is the scarf my friend Roberta knitted me - she has serious knitting skills and I genuinely don't know how I'd get through the Winter without it!

8) What's your favourite bath bomb?

I actually tend to skip on bath bombs. I haven't tried out many as I'm more of a bubble bar/bath melt kind of person! LUSH's The Comforter and Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment are a classic combination for me that make for a fabulously pink sweet smelling bath. I believe they've turned the latter from a bath melt into a bath oil since I last checked so I'm keen to try that!

Warm Me Up For Winter tag

9) What's your favourite Winter scent?

I don't usually go in for traditionally seasonal perfumes but I got Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint fragrance at the start of this month and I think it's lovely for the time of year! It's got notes of grapefruit, bergamot and orange blossom and I can definitely smell something slightly spicy in there too so if you get the chance to try it in a shop, you might be pleasantly surprised!

10) What are your favourite Winter movies?

I'm planning on dedicating a whole blog post to my favourite Christmas films very soon so I won't reveal them just now! If we're talking about films that aren't necessarily festive, I always seem to want to curl up and watch the Harry Potter series as soon as the nights get darker and colder. There's just something about them that lends themselves to Autumn & Winter!

11) Do you like the snow?

I absolutely love it!

Get yourself involved in the comments below and let me know your answers to these questions! Don't forget to check out Megan's lovely blog too to see what she's put.

What do you like about Winter?

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