♫ December Playlist ♫

It's time to share the last playlist of the year! Here's the music I've been listening to in December.

December Playlist ft. The 1975, Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay & Nathan Sykes!

Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran

I really should have included this song in either last months playlist or the month before as I've been listening to it since September but I somehow forgot to add it! Better late than never I suppose, I've been loving Lay It All On Me. Ed Sheeran is one of my favourites and I think he and Rudimental come together well to create fun, uplifting music. More from the pair please?


I'm not a Coldplay fan. People don't believe me when I say that but generally I don't like their music much (apart from Violet Hill, love that song) so I wasn't expecting to enjoy their new single, Adventure Of A Lifetime at all. And I didn't at first, then all of a sudden it grew on me! Not quite enough to tempt me to listen to their whole album but the mix of pop & funk for this song works for me.

The 1975

Teasing us with the second single from their forthcoming album, The 1975 released UGH! this month and I am obsessed. It's definitely my favourite song of December! Unconventional and irregular, inspired by 80s pop - what's not to love? I am very eagerly anticipating the album release in February and kinda wish it would hurry up already; we The 1975 fans are ready!

Nathan Sykes

The amount I miss The Wanted being together reached an all time high this month so I had to go back and essentially binge-listen to all of their old stuff. I'm so pleased Nathan is going solo though because his voice is incredible. Not only that but he plays piano & can write a bloody good song too! Over and Over Again is your classic love song and I'm not adverse to that every now and then, especially when it's Nathan. I'm not sure which I want more, for the band to come out of hiatus or Nathan's album!

Christmas songs!

From the 1st of the month, you'd best believe I've been playing Christmas songs on repeat! Michael Buble's album never gets old and I'm loving Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me this year.

So that was my December Playlist! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you like any of the songs I mentioned.

What have you been listening to this month?

Thanks for reading,