December Favourites!

It's time for my last Favourites post of 2015! Here's what I was loving in December.

December Favourites inc. things from Collection, a Nicki Minaj perfume, films, food & a Nikon camera!


I can remember that exact date the Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint perfume came into my life & became my favourite, it was on the 3rd December, my birthday! It was such a lovely, much-appreciated gift as I adore Nicki and her fragrances are pretty fabulous too. This one in particular is definitely more interesting than your average celebrity perfume (although for the record I don't really see why celeb perfumes get such a bad rep in general). It's sweet yet citrusy with a warmth and depth to it that's just delicious. I've been wearing it pretty much exclusively ever since I got it!

Also this month, if I've been wearing makeup I seem to have opted for super sparkly eyelids, the sparklier the better. The Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze palette (review to come in the near future) used either alone or over the top of my Maybelline Color Tattoos is what I've been choosing most often as of late!

Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint perfume & Collection Eyes Uncovered palette


There's been a lot of films and Christmas TV on recently but the most notable things I've watched this month have been two DVDs we bought. It was great to remind myself of why I loved The Amazing Spiderman 2 so much when I saw it in the cinema! It's one of the few Marvel films I actually LOVE rather than just feel so-so about.

Inside Out was what we chose to watch as a family on Boxing Day. I was expecting it to be pretty darn good but somehow it exceeded my expectations from the get-go! I feel like if you haven't seen it yet, it would be better to watch it without actually knowing too much detail about it, so I'll just say that it's about emotions and I don't think there'll be anyone who won't be able to relate to it. Oh and it might make you cry, or at least well up in a happy, "Oh wow, I relate to this so much" way.

Inside Out & The Amazing Spiderman 2

I've loved getting Graze boxes for years now but I think it had been a good long while since I've had one before Shona reminded/tempted me big time about them this month! So I ordered one and my favourites from it were the pretzel sticks with peanut butter (omg) and the cranberry & hazelnut toasts with cocoa dip (double omg). I kinda want to start getting Graze boxes regularly again!

The last thing I'm gonna include in my favourites, technically I've only owned since the 25th December but the second I ripped off the wrapping paper on it, it was guaranteed a place in this post. I got a new camera for Christmas! It's the Nikon L340 - a bridge camera which is a big step up from what I was previously using (and will still continue to use, of course) and I just, ahh. I love it. I've been spending time getting to grips with it and obviously I have a lot more learning to do but I'm excited for that. Plus, I wasn't expecting it AT ALL so it was the best surprise ever!

So there you have it, my December Favourites! Here's to making new favourites in the new year.

What have you been loving this month?

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