10 (More) Things Ain't Nobody Got Time For!

Hello everyone!

When I wrote this post, I never expected it to get so many responses, both in the comments & on social media! It makes sense to make a part two as we all seem to have a lot of common pet peeves.

Here are 10 more things ain't nobody got time for!

10 things ain't nobody got time for - aka pet peeves!

Ain't nobody got time for . . . 

1. Going into a shop to buy one thing and there's a queue at the tills longer than the river Nile. Maybe I don't need this packet of crisps after all . . .

2. Developing a cold right before an event you've planned to go to. I have a December birthday and at this stage it's pretty much tradition I get sick right before it. Excuse me immune system, couldn't you have chosen a slightly more convenient time?

3. Being put on hold on the phone for what feels like 50 years.

4. When you finally do get through the person on the phone, having to say, "Pardon?" multiple times when you can't understand a word of what the person is mumbling.

5. Being a different size in every clothing shop you go to.

6. Waiting in all day for a parcel to arrive in the post, only for it to not come at all. This happened to me recently, despite the fact I got an email & a text saying it would arrive that day and I was pretty annoyed at the fact I'd basically wasted the day!

7. Responding to a deliberate attempt at annoying you. Dude please.

8. Headlines that make you think something really dramatic has happened, when in reality it's barely even newsworthy, aka clickbait. If I had a £ for every time a certain Kardashian would *apparently* never forgive another Kardashian for something they did, I'd be as rich as them all combined.

9. Saving up for something expensive, finally getting it and then being disappointed with it. But
twenty different bloggers called it their holy grail?!

10. Last but by no means least; when family members put empty food packets back in the fridge/cupboard. WHY family, why?

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you'd add to the list.

What are your pet peeves?

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