Nanokeratin System Haircare // Review

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I've come to realise that if a haircare product boasts keratin boosting qualities then it's worth a try. The Nanokeratin System shampoo & conditioner aren't cheap but that's where I come in handy for you! I was sent them to try out so I could tell you whether or not they're worth the price. Here's my review!

Review of the Nanokeratin System Revive shampoo & Rehdrate conditioner for natural/virgin hair.


The 'Revive' Invigorating shampoo claims to gently and effectively cleanse the hair whilst restoring optimum moisture levels.

The 'Rehydrate' Hydrating conditioner claims to revitalise and balance the hair whilst providing a deep conditioning treatment.

They cost £20.25 each for a 320ml bottle.


I was sent three sample sachets of both the shampoo and conditioner which are specifically designed for virgin hair. Nanokeratin System have a range of products to suit coloured hair & over processed hair too so there's something for everyone. I noticed immediate results after washing - my hair both felt incredibly soft & had a glorious shine to it! Not only that but you could tell it had actually been nourished from the roots to the ends. Although I've never coloured my hair, it has taken it's fair share of heat over the years so to have my hair feel like it did before I ever put straighteners on it is priceless. Not only was I impressed with my results but my mum was too!

Review of the Nanokeratin System Revive shampoo & Rehdrate conditioner for natural/virgin hair.

The conditioner itself actually cleanses your hair so you never get that weighed down feeling, another massive plus for me as I usually have to resort to reverse washing! Now I've used them three times, I can definitely feel a decent strength in my hair that wasn't there before. It's hard to find any kind of negative about them! I suppose it would be nicer if they had more of a scent to them but when it really comes down to it, it's the quality of the products themselves that matters.

Is £20 too much to pay for revived & rehydrated hair? Well, that's completely down to each individual. If you have the budget to invest, it's a no brainer. If your budget is tight then we're in the same boat, but since trying them I can say they're most definitely a worthwhile spend. I'll definitely be purchasing the full sized bottles when I have a little bit of extra cash to fork out!

You can find Nanokeratin System products in salons & on the Rush Shop website.

Well I hope you enjoyed this review! Get involved in the comments below and let me know which haircare products you think are worth the price and also which ones you think are bargains!

How much is the right price to pay for haircare?

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