Weekly Reflect // #49

Hello everyone!

I had quite a quiet but lovely week all in all! Let's take some time to reflect on the past week . . .

Weekly Reflect #49 // A Levels results, a trip to Bob & Berts and new stationery!

This week . . .

. . . got off to a fairly quiet start but on Wednesday my mum and I went into town to run some errands together. It was lovely to get out of the house, especially as the weather was incredible for once - it's not often you have too many layers on here in Northern Ireland but I was boiling in a vest top & light hoodie! We also popped into a charity shop I'd never been to before and found the loveliest Summer dress. It'll definitely feature in an outfit post soon if we can get any of that nice weather again!

Thursday was A Levels results day!
If things had gone to plan I would've gotten mine but unfortunately a frustrating illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome came into my life and got in the way! I didn't think I was going to be sad about not getting results but on the day I felt pretty rubbish about the whole thing. If I'm honest, the closer it gets to September the more I'm scared I won't be able to manage going back to school and repeating my A Levels. But, I'm determined to get them done! If you got your exam results this week I really hope you got what you wanted and if not, please don't worry - there are plenty of other options and you never know, maybe there's a brilliant opportunity around the corner you never would have expected!

Yesterday I spent the day in Lisburn with my fabulous friend Megan! We went to Bob & Berts again because their milkshakes are amazing but this time we took our drinks upstairs and sat in. Once the rain had stopped, we had a wee browse round the shops and I picked up some stationery bits for going back to school. It was absolutely lovely to catch up with her and hear she got into her first choice for university! 

So that was my week! I'm excited for my sister coming home next week as we'll hopefully go for a few days out. Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you got up to!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,