Weekly Reflect // #47

Hello everyone!

In contrast to last week's super busy schedule, this week has been a lot more relaxed! Let's take some time to reflect . . .

weekly reflect belfast coffee co chocolate rice krispie buns mac viva glam nicki july favourites roses cat chronic fatigue syndrome windows 10

This week . . .

 . . . got off to a great start when something very exciting came in the post from Belfast Coffee Co.! I won a packet of their coffee on Twitter last week and oh my goodness, that stuff smells delicious. It also happens to taste pretty good too!

I also went to my brother's band rehearsal that day to take a few pictures for them which was fun!

weekly reflect belfast coffee co

When I got home I had a little idea that involved melted chocolate & rice krispies. I hadn't had rice krispie buns in ages - they're such an underrated treat and so easy to make. I wouldn't mind some more right about now!

weekly reflect rice krispie buns

weekly reflect mac viva glam nicki

I also filmed and uploaded my July Favourites video this week! 

Wednesday was National Lipstick Day and as a lip product addict, it was only right that I celebrated by wearing my all time favourite, MAC's Viva Glam Nicki. I never get bored of it's bright pink boldness!

weekly reflect roses

My health went downhill a bit midweek. I definitely feel like I'm coming down with something which on top of my chronic illness isn't much fun. Hopefully it'll just be a couple of days type of thing and pass quickly! Lots and lots of cuddles with Mia were had as a result though, so I suppose it's not all bad.

weekly reflect cat cuddles

Then it was time to download Windows 10! I don't know why but I was really excited about it. Now it's here I have to be honest, it's not much different. I do quite like the new features though!

weekly reflect blue sky

Here in Northern Ireland this week, the weather was very up and down. We had some horrendous rain at times but I did manage to snap this gorgeous sky shot the other day!

Well that's what I got up to this week! If you want to keep up with me during the week, come join me on Snapchat - just add maeve.toc! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you did this week!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,