10 Things Ain't Nobody Got Time For

Hello everyone!

Y'know those annoying little things that just make you sigh? Well, this post is an ode to ten of them. Here are ten things ain't nobody got time for!

10 things ain't nobody got time for pet peeves earphone wires facebook game invites social media nail polish smudge hair

1 // The daily untangling of the earphone wires.

2 // I could maybe deal with one Facebook game invite a day. When it rolls over into double figures though, that's when I just can't even. *insert sassy hand emoji here*

3 // Who has the time to shave their legs every week? Not me that's for sure!

4 // Auto DMs on Twitter. Need I say more?

5 // And while we're on the topic of social media, ain't nobody got time for when people follow, unfollow & refollow you multiple times. If you'd like me to follow you, start up a conversation and let's be friends! 9/10 times the whole following/unfollowing thing will act in the opposite way you're hoping for. Ya feel me?

6 // You've just painted your nails and they're looking pretty fine if you do say so yourself! You allow them time to dry and just when you think they are, BAM, you've smudged them opening the door or something. The struggle is real lads.

7 // When products are overpackaged to the extreme. Not only is this pretty wasteful but it takes up valuable time that could be spent eating the donut (or any other kind of snack) inside the wrapping.

8 // When things are always out of stock. I'm looking at you Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold - I've swatched you many a time in store but can't buy you because you're only a tester!

9 // Spending time doing your hair all nice just for you to step outside the door and the wind ruins it. This is why I barely bother most of the time!

10 // Lastly, on a slightly more serious note, I just don't have the time for negativity. Haters. I'm lucky not to get them myself (touch wood) but it makes me so sad seeing people get hate online. Can I get a collective "ain't nobody got time for that!"? Their time and energy could be so much better spent sharing positivity!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, it's just for fun! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if any of these things get on your nerves too - we all have to passive-aggressive vent somewhere!

What are your pet peeves?

Thanks for reading,

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