Wear What You Want

Hello everyone!

Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is personal style, in particular the mindset that there are certain things certain people can wear and certain things certain people can't. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Oh I'd love to wear that but..." and then given an excuse for why you can't? I say wear what you want! Let's discuss.

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Let's get the 'size' topic out of the way first, shall we?

This one makes me sigh a lot. I think I'll just say it right out, it's the title of this post; wear what you want! The media is obsessed with size and it tends to filter down into our own thoughts. No matter what size you are, you've probably had thoughts along the lines of, "I'm too ___ / not ___ enough to wear this." There might be some things you want to wear but feel you can't for any number of reasons but let me tell ya, chucking those inhibitions out of the window can be so liberating!

Trends, trends, trends

Another bone I have to pick is with trends. Now don't get me wrong, if ripped jeans are in and you wanna wear them go for it! My concern is the feeling of restriction, that you can only wear certain things at certain times of the year. Oh, and maybe it's just the secret rebel inside me but any sentence that begins with, "You should..." instantly infuriates me. "You should only..." is even worse! If you want to wear bright pink dungarees, do it. If you feel like wearing dark lipstick in the height of Summer, rock it.

"Would it suit me though?"

This is something I've heard friends & family say countless times and to be fair, I've often thought it myself. I'd say I have a fluctuating style (i.e. I don't have one in particular). Sometimes I wish I did have one distinguishable way of dressing but at the end of the day, why limit yourself? You get a new day laid out in front of yourself everyday and each presents a new opportunity to dress and be however you want.

Outside of the comfort zone

Okay, so we all have a comfort zone. It's like a little bubble that you can keep yourself safe inside. You're bound to have heard the phrase 'try going outside of your comfort zone', and that can be a scary concept. No one wants to be uncomfortable in what they're wearing so I say instead of stepping outside of your safety bubble, bring new things into it instead. Try out something different - that's what changing rooms & free returns are for! 

Well, those are my views on the topic. I'm totally down with the idea of pink dungarees by the way. I'd love to open this up as a discussion so get involved in the comments section below and have your say!

 What do you think?

Thanks for reading,