3 Ways To Wear // Green Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

Three words that when used separately pose no threat whatsoever but when put together strike fear into the hearts of humankind. Green nail polish. 

Jokes & overly dramatic intro aside, green can seem like a really difficult colour to pull off on the nails. Here are three easy ways you can give it a go! 

3 ways to wear green nail polish nail art mint shimmer floral

Go Mint
Probably the easiest way to wear green on the nails is to go for a mint polish. 
I've used Barry M's imaginatively titled Mint Green here but if you're happy to spend a bit extra, you might like bloggers favourite Mint Candy Apple by Essie. The reason it's so easy to pull off is that is that it verges on the blue side so isn't as scary as a full on green!

Go Details
If you're handy with a nail art pen, why not try a subtle green detail? 
I've gone for a floral pattern but you could try polka dots, stripes or anything you'd like! I find an aztec design always looks good! If you're wondering which pens I use and love it's mixture of these Rio ones & these Pink Tease ones (reviews linked).

Go Shimmer
Shimmer is such a brilliant fail safe option. 
I absolutely love the deep shade of Peacock Green by Models Own - you just can't go wrong with it! If you want to bring a plain green to life, why not try adding a glitter top coat over it?

3 ways to wear green nail polish nail art mint shimmer floral

Sometimes it's good to step outside of your comfort zone, especially with beauty as it can be so easy to get yourself in a rut!

Well I hope this post has given you a few ideas and maybe even encouraged you to be adventurous with something new in your beauty routine!

Do you like green nail polish?

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