W7 Golden Brown Eyeshadow Palette // REVIEW

Hello everyone!

I'm back to show you another W7 item! This time it's their Golden Brown eyeshadow palette which I was kindly sent to try out and review for you.

Here's what I think of it . . .

So what are you getting for £5.95

Well, you get 4 shades neatly packed into a tiny little palette, making each cost just under £1.50 if you want to think about it that way. My immediate thought when I saw it was travel palette! It's nice & compact and the plastic feels pretty sturdy as well so could easily fit into your makeup bag for a holiday or night away! Plus it's pretty versatile as you can create a nice subtle look with just the lighter shades or go for a full on dramatic eye, whatever you like really!

But how do the shadows actually perform?

For such an affordable palette I have to say they're really decent and can be built up but when it comes down to it, if you're used to highly pigmented shadows these will be a bit different to you. They take a wee bit of work but do blend well and last the day on the lids!

The only thing I'm a wee bit confused about is the name of the palette. Golden Brown . . . you're thinking bronze goddess type thing, all of the deep sultry shades, however none of these shadows are really either gold or brown. Going from left to right, you've got a light pink with pretty glitter flecks // a deeper shimmer pink // a purpley taupe // and a dark purple almost black with subtle pink glitter

Yeah, who knew pink glitter could be subtle, but it is and actually makes for a really, really interesting shade. In fact, all of the shades in this palette are quite unique and that's what wins it for me. I guess you could say the second shade is kind of rose gold, but other than that I don't really see the connection between the name & shades. In the grand scheme of things though, who cares! Pretty eyeshadow!

So let's see how they are in action!

As you can see the colour payoff is pretty good - there is a bit of fall out but that's to be expected and it's nothing a clean fluffy brushed can't get rid of! I added a bold eyeliner flick because I just couldn't resist and I absolutely love this makeup look. I'm definitely more inspired to go bolder with my eyeshadow! The lip colour is another W7 beauty in the form of the Butter Kiss lipstick which I reviewed the other day.

So that's what I think of the W7 Golden Brown eyeshadow palette! It gets a thumbs up from me.

Do you have any palette that you think they name just doesn't suit?

What's your favourite travel palette?

Thanks for reading & watching,


♫ Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you? 

No, I wouldn't. 

This palette was sent to me by W7 for reviewing purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. Love it.