W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick // Review

Hello everyone!
As this is my little space to talk about things on the internet, I'd like to let it be known that I like lipstick. In particular, I like lipsticks of the bright pink/fuchsia variant, so when I opened my little package from W7, I was thrilled to see this Butter Kiss lipstick inside! W7 are a cool brand that make very affordable products, shall we say very similar to other, more expensive ones. 

Let's talk about it!

w7 butter kiss lipstick review red tulip nyx dupe

I think it's fair to say it's clearly inspired by the 'oh so well loved by the blogosphere' NYX Butter lipsticks! I haven't tried any of those so comparison post this is not, however the W7 option is definitely a bit cheaper at just £4.50 a pop. What I can comment on is how impressed I am by this little wonder in a tube!

Let me tell you, the pigmentation you can get from just one swipe of this is just incredible. Not only that, but it truly glides onto the lips in a creamy finish as you'd like to hope from what the name suggests.

w7 butter kiss lipstick review red tulip nyx dupe

The shade I have is 'Red Tulip', a gorgeous bright pink. Another thing I was taken aback by was how long this lasts!

If I were to pick a fault, it would be the minor detail that the packaging can a tiny bit flimsy. I suppose once you've felt the delight that is twisting up the bullet on a MAC lipstick, everything pales in comparison. So. Satisfying. That said, it obviously costs a lot less so you can't really expect unicorns to come flying out of it. If you're being fickle and going by looks alone I think the packaging is very cute and will definitely stand out from your regular tube.

w7 butter kiss lipstick review red tulip nyx dupe swatch

So those are my thoughts on the W7 Butter Kiss lipstick in 'Red Tulip' - I bloody love it! They do other shades and after trying this I might just have to treat myself!

Have you tried anything from W7?

Thanks for reading,

♫ Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you? 
No, I wouldn't. 
This lipstick was sent to me by W7 for reviewing purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. Like I said, I bloody love it.