♫ January Playlist ♫

Hello everyone!

I'm a mahoosive lover of music and for a while now I've been wanting to incorporate that here on the blog. Here's what I've come up with; monthly playlists! I'm going to be creating a Spotify playlist for every month of the year, adding to it as the month goes on then sharing it with your very good selves. I encourage you to press play on the widget below!

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Here goes!

Saint Raymond
First up is Saint Raymond! I was lucky enough to see him support Ed Sheeran last year and let me tell you now, he is spectacular live. Unlike Ed, he performed with a band so I was a bit confused as to whether 'Saint Raymond' was just him or all of them but when I got home I found out it's just Callum and that he's only 19! At the start of January I heard I Want You on a TV advert which sparked my interest in listening to him again. Ghosts is another great song which when he performed, he made us all sing along with the 'woah oh oh's' in the chorus! If you like catchy, indie pop, give him a listen and you probably won't be able to get the tunes out of your head!

Royal Blood
Veering more on the rock side, I also really enjoyed listening to Royal Blood in January. Their self-titled debut album is packed with power and topped with vocals that really grab a hold on your attention. Everything is just so fantasticly rebellious yet in place. If I was to pick a favourite, it would be between Ten Tonne Skeleton and Loose Change, closely followed by Blood Hands. Even if you're not a rock fan, I'd say try this as I wouldn't call it your typical, traditional rock.

saint raymond live january playlist music blog

Nicki Minaj
Taking a complete genre U-turn from my previous two picks, Nicki Minaj's new album The Pinkprint was also among my favourites in January. Please note my taste is music is quite varied! It was released in December but I'm still listening to it and still can't get enough. The Pinkprint contains a diverse mixture of songs, some of which are within keeping true to her hip hop roots, some appeasing her pop fans & some have a completely new sound for Nicki. Two things are for sure; it's full of emotion and I love it. Again, even if you don't consider yourself in Nicki's target audience, I think you'll find something on the album you like. It was a tough choice but I've narrowed it down to my top 3 for this playlist; Grand Piano, I Lied & Win Again. Extremely excited to see her live in April!

George Ezra
Now, I like George's other songs but there's just something about Listen to the Man that reaches out to me! It just makes me feel happy (and reassured?!) with it's postive, upbeat tune.

Catfish and the Bottlemen
Last but not least, I've been absolutely loving Catfish and the Bottlemen. I'd heard great things about them but never got around to actually listening until a friend linked me to a few of their songs near the end of the month. Now I'm hooked - on Kathleen and Pacifier in particular. There's something that sounds kind of familiar about them but I just can't put my finger on it. I've no doubt I'll be listening to them in February and beyond!

So there you have it, my January playlist! I'd love to know if you liked this kind of post and would like to see the series continue throughout the months. Feel free to recommend me some music and you never know, I might like it and it might appear in my February Playlist!

What have you been listening to this month?

Thanks for reading,