Weekly Reflect | #16

Hello everyone! 
So that's Christmas done and dusted! 
Let's talk about the week . . .

This week:

  • . . . of course, Christmas happened! I had a lovely one with my family; we went to mass, visited my granny then came home and chilled all day. Bliss. We had a delicious dinner, watched a few films and overall had a fantastic day. How was yours?
    • . . . I ate way too much of everything. Currently feeling slug-like - as I type this I'm currently tucking into some white chcolate buttons. I need to change things up fitness-wise in the New Year!
    • . . . I thought about going sale shopping on Saturday but decided against it due to the crazy crowds and cold weather. I did peek online but honestly nothing grabbed my attention! Did you pick up any bargains?
    • . . . it finally snowed! Only a little bit where I am but I'm very pleased about it, I love snow!


    So that was my Christmas week! 
    How was yours?

    Thanks for reading,