Guess what? 
Today I turned 18!

I was born on this day in 1996 and it's crazy to think I'm officially an adult now - I can now legally vote, get a tattoo, get married, buy a house and even watch a bunch of films that were age restricted from me yesterday. I swear I'm still a kid though.

I don't feel any older but I do have a sense of renewal and I see this birthday as a fresh start. I thought this might be a good chance and a good place to reflect on things blogwise. . .

Apparently I started this blog 2 years, 5 months and 2 days ago. 
It started out as a little hobby, something I dreamed up after a trip to the charity shop and I've never looked back. I'm not a successful blogger by most standards but I've definitely been lucky to reach little milestones and be able to do some pretty cool things as a result of this blog.


I remember always coming home from a good days thrifting on a Saturday, photographing the clothes I bought the next day (with my woeful quality phone camera!), writing a little bit and posting it up then and there. Blogging was quite a sporadic thing for me then - there were no plans and no schedule and I loved it.

I then started to share my love for all things makeup here; hauls, MUA lipstick swatches and the odd simple nail art tutorial. The more I blogged, the more I fell in love with creating my own wee space to share my thoughts.

Fast forward a bit and I took a slight break from blogging. School work had to take centre stage and blog posts became a rarity. I never forgot about my blog and I continued to read a ton of other blogs, but my enthusiasm for posting just weaned off. What's interesting to note here is that I kept my blog a complete secret from everyone. I'm honestly not even sure why! I think I just thought that people would judge me for it but rest assured, I don't feel that way now at all!

Fast forward even more until the start of this year and I had a sudden burst of inspiration to blog. I really wanted to improve my writing and photography so I vowed to kick this blog into shape. My family soon found out about Thrift O'Clock and while a little confused about the concept at first, they got on board with it and now really support me. Getting a decent camera for Christmas helped and I now thoroughly enjoy taking photos and making them the best they possibly can be! 

At a recent interview (a pretend one for a marketing job, set up by my school) I included that I run a blog in my application form and it sparked an interest in my interviewer. He seemed really impressed that I took the gumption to do something out of the curriculum and put some effort into it. This was the first time I talked to anyone about my blog outside of my family and it feel really liberating! I'm proud of this blog and I'm ready and motivated to put even more into it!

So where might we venture next?
Well, it's always been a dream of mine to start up a Youtube channel and I really do hope to start that sometime soon. It's most likely to be in the Summer of next year when I'll have plenty of time. I'd hate to start now, not have time to film/edit and leave big gaps between video uploads. Until then, I hope to keep this blog going and growing and who knows what could happen.

It's a constant journey and I want to thank you all. For those who've stuck with me, thank you. For those who haven't been here long, join the party! And thank you. I really didn't mean for this post to get so long but here we are, and if you've read it all then have a pat on the back! 

As for the future of this blog, who knows. 
Let's just ride it out and see!

Thanks for reading,