Weekly Reflect | #9

Hello everyone!

Well that was an eventful one! The weather started to get very Autumnal, I recovered from being sick  last week and a lot happened . . .

Me & my best friend of about 10 years!

This week:

  • . . . I went to my school formal! It was a fabulous night for all of my school year (apart from the few who had a little too much to drink!) where everyone got all dressed up and partied the night away. The obligatory pizza was ordered at 4am and I'm still trying to catch up with not going to bed until crazy o'clock in the morning, but I wish I could do it all over again!
    • . . . my new laptop arrived! I'll not bore you with the details but basically, my old one hadn't been working for a while (I couldn't use it for any longer than about 5 minutes before it would crash) and it's been replaced with a shiny new model. This means I can blog and read blogs again which I'm loving! Send me all of your blog links as I'm doing a massive catch up & blog following spree to celebrate!
    • . . . my school had a 'drop everything and read' week. At 10:15am everyday we all had to get a book out and read for ten minutes. I was rereading The Time Traveller's Wife and it was lovely to just stop and read in peace for a bit. I wish we could do this everyday!


    So that was what I got up to the last seven days! 
    How was your week?

    Thanks for reading,