Hello everyone!

I've always had a passion for design of all kinds, but it's fashion and interior in particular that have been at the forefront. I can remember spending countless hours when I was younger drawing up plans for my 'dream house' and figuring out how all the rooms would all be decorated too. I could probably hunt for those pages now if I really tried and it might be interesting to see how my design tastes have changed!

Interior design is something I still daydream about now, so when Rodgers of York suggested I write about how my dream home would look I thought this would be tonnes of fun! 

Okay so let's get our imaginations going! Picture this.
It's a three story house in the countryside, close by some woods where you can go for walks and take your dogs. It would look fairly quaint on the outside with lots of little flowers and plants. Inside it's quite traditionally styled with bit of a modern twist here and there. 

Now I've painted the fairytale image, let's get into the details!


I don't know about you but I think the living room's focus should be on the sofas, seeing as the whole point of this room is to lounge! I love the idea of a patterned sofa and then letting everything else in the room be fairly simplistic. As you can see in the photo above there are two different patterns of material but the colour scheme compliments each other which I love. I intend to have lots and lots of cushions in my dream living room!


I once holidayed in a house with a kitchen like this and I'll never forget it. Duck egg blue and white pair together so nicely for a really fresh feel and french dressers, well you just can't go wrong with a french dresser can you? In my ideal home, my kitchen would have an island for cooking on and a breakfast bar so that I could still socialise with family and friends while I cooked.

I'm not big on dining rooms in separate rooms if that makes sense - I prefer it to be directly adjoined to the kitchen without a wall because these rooms are basically married aren't they? 


The hall is the place where you first come in and also where guests are greeted so I think it should reflect the family's different quirks and traits. Various photos, ornaments and souvenirs would line the walls and shelves with a sofa like this one to tie it all back in. And of course, you're gonna want somewhere to sit while you wait for someone to be ready so you can leave. Or perhaps for someone to wait on you while you get that winged liner even!


For the master bedroom, I can't get the idea of a teal and purple colour scheme out of my head. As this is a dream home, I'd have a walk in wardrobe because, well, I think most of us dream about having one, don't we? I'd like to keep this room really spacious and uncluttered as I feel that would make it as relaxing as possible. After all, this is the room of sleep!

I think this kind of look would be so cute as a childs bedroom and I especially love the high shelf with books and toys on. There's just something about the beachy feel I can't help but adore.

Attic bedrooms seem so cool to me and I'm not sure why but I think they'd be a great place for a teenagers bedroom. I'd never have thought of purple going with muted greys and beige but something about it just works and looks so comfy to me. Oh, and I just love a good skylight.


Next to the teenagers bedroom, also in the attic space I'd love to have an office. Those big windows would let floods of light in so it would be the ideal place to take blog photos and do my makeup! 

With a really monochrome background, how cool would it be to decorate this space with pops of colour in the furniture and ornaments?

I'm obsessed with this chair. All I can think of is ultimate laptop chair.
You can choose to have the leg stool if you're getting really comfy which is something that really appeals to me!

This step ladder style shelving unit is right up my street and I'd use it for housing all the random homeware bits and bobs I like to collect. Charity shops are the best for those by the way, if you love 'em too! Books and DVDs might go here too I think.

My office would also be the place I'd do my makeup and ever since seeing Allison's (aka Amarixe on Youtube) apartment tour, I've been inspired to use a bar height table and stool to do so upon.

I absolutely love watching vlogs and reading blog posts about interior design and some of my favourites are Gabby of velvetgh0st, Kate of gh0stparties and Ingrid of missglamorazzi - there's just something about a good old house/apartment tour that I can't resist!


So that's how I would decorate my dream home, I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

What would your dream home look like? 

Where do you get interior design inspiration from?

Tell me all about it in the comments, I can't wait to read them!

Thanks for reading,

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