What's In My Bag? | Concert Edition!

Hello everyone!

Well, how to begin this one? 
Last Friday I was supposed to be going to the concert I'd very much been looking forward to. My sister and I had planned to go see The Midnight Beast in Belfast but just two days before said concert we found out they had cancelled a few dates of their tour, including ours. As you can imagine I was quite upset - they're one of my favourite bands and I had been anticipating the day for weeks. However I did end up going to an 18th birthday party and a 25th wedding anniversary party that weekend instead so I guess it wasn't all bad! 

I had the photos taken and ready in preparation for a 'What's In My Concert Bag' post and I quite like how they turned out so I didn't want to just scrap them. 

Let's think of this as a 'What Would Have Been In My Bag' post!

This beauty was originally £15 but I picked it up from an airport Accessorize last November so managed to snag it with a little money off. For £12.50 it's a gorgeous little clutch which holds a lot more than you'd think it could so points for that! It's come in handy on nights out when I need to carry essentials and don't want my bag to weigh me down, that's why I thought it would be great for the concert. Sadly it's not available online anymore but I snooped around and found this similar one as well as this one!

Now onto the good stuff! 
Before I went to my first concert I had no idea what sort of things you had to bring along so a guide would've really helped. I'm the sort of person who brings everything but the kitchen sink around with me so don't take it as gospel that every item here is essential because they're definitely not, however they will keep you covered for any concert eventualities! 

Phone/camera: You're gonna want to take photos to remember it! 
Portable charger: If you're snap happy, chances are your phone battery is gonna drain. People might also want you to ring them while the artist is playing so they can have a cheeky listen and that will also have an effect on your battery. I carry this portable charger everywhere with me now and it's saved my bacon more than a few times! I talked about it in more detail here if you'd like the low down.
Water: This is an iffy one - some venues don't like you to bring any beverages with you, obviously because of alcohol restrictions, (and that they want you to buy their own supplied over priced stuff) but if your bottle is still factory sealed you should be okay. Make sure you've had some water to drink beforehand because if like me you like to stand in the crowd then you're gonna get warm! If also like me and you know 99% of the words, you'll sing along and get thirsty. Coconut water is a good go-to as it's so hydrating and this Cocofina one is so tasty. Read my post all about the power of coconuts here!
Lip balm & colour of choice: Ideally, I'd like to go makeup free for concerts but I just like the occasion to get dressed and made up! I'd say no matter how minimal or full on you go, lip balm is still a really useful makeup item to take anywhere because who wants dry lips? I like Baby Lips but it's completely up to you what you use. I received the Rimmel Apocalips c/o The Hut last week so I thought the concert would be a perfect opportunity to test it's longevity! However as the concert didn't go ahead, that didn't happen but I will be talking about it in more detail sometime in the near future. I can say it's intensely pigmented and of great quality for the price. 
Mirror: Because I'm that person who keeps a mirror in her bag all the time. Not because I stare at myself 24/7, but just incase I smudge my lipstick or my mascara flakes or if a friend needs it.
Tissues: Because I'm also that person who carries tissues with her everywhere.


Hair bobbles/pins: Summer or Winter, if you're going to a concert it's a given that you'll get warm so you're more than likely going to want to tie your hair up off your neck or pin your fringe back. I call them bobbles but I know they have so many other names - hair ties, hair bands... - what do you call them?
Glasses: Although my eyesight isn't awful, I still need to wear glasses for distance and so standing quite far away from my favourite band can strain my eyes. For those gifted with 20/20 vision this won't be a concern but glasses (or more ideally contacts if you can stick them, I can't) can really improve your viewing experience. Don't forget 'em!
Money: It's 100% your decision whether or not to bring some cash but you might want a little keepsake of the night and buy some of their merch! Just make sure you hold onto your mula when you're in and around the company of potential pick-pocketers and don't get ripped off on extortionately priced items.
Tickets: I feel like this is a massive DUH! but it's so easy to forget the most important thing while you're getting caught up in the excitement! Oh, and make sure your friends also have their tickets. No one wants to be left behind!


Although I am still a bit gutted to have missed out on seeing TMB, I am going to see Ed Sheeran in the Autumn and I'm insanely excited for that!

Have you ever had a concert cancelled?
What do you bring to concerts?
Who are you going to see next?

Thanks for reading,


♪ Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you? ♪
No, I wouldn't.
This post contains some products which were sent to me for reviewing purposes but that doesn't effect my opinion which are as usual honest and my own. 

(Cocofina Coconut Water, Veho Pebble Smartstick & Rimmel Apocalips are the only items here which were sent to me.)