Weekly Reflect | #2

Hello everyone!

Well look at me actually sticking to a blog series! I'm usually pretty crap at continuing with series so it's a bit of an achievement to be following up on one haha. If you didn't see the first part in the series, here it is. 

reminiscing about seeing Ed Sheeran back in January 2013

This week . . .

  • . . . the weather was absolutely glorious. I spent many an afternoon in the sun outside in my garden which is something we can rarely do here in Northern Ireland. A lot of people in the UK complain about the heat but I've been quite liking it this week despite being an Autumn/Winter girl at heart.
  • . . . I was Coloristiq's Blogger of the Week! Coloristiq is a new service offering nail polish rental which will be launching soon and I also happen to be an ambassador for them. Watch out for them this September as brands like OPI and Essie will be part of the the service!
  • . . . I treated my hair to a coconut oil mask and it's really appreciative of the benefits. My hair is soft and the frizz is tamer than usual which are two things that deserve a big thumbs up in my book. I posted about the power of coconuts this week and I'll be getting a post up all about the wonders of the oil in the near future!
  • . . . Ed Sheeran's album x is still on repeat. I would try and tell you my favourites but I truthfully love all of them. I'm incredibly excited to be seeing him live again in October! I recommend giving x a listen if you haven't already.
  • . . . a lovely package came in the post from The Hut Group who sent me some amazing beauty bits which will be featuring here soon! I've been in touch with the fashion side of THG and now the beauty side and I can safely say they have the loveliest people working for them. Eve wrote me a handwritten note which included a little comment about my watermelon nail art which just warmed my heart.
  • . . . I dreamt I married Matty Healy of The 1975 fame. It was wonderful, up until the point where someone at our wedding told him I cheated on him (which I didn't - who could?!) and I had to convince him I was faithful. It was all very dramatic but he believed me in the end though.


Next week I'll be going to see The Midnight Beast in concert which is all sorts of exciting as I'm a pretty big lover of the band! 

What did you get up to this week?

Thanks for reading,