Weekly Reflect | #1

Hello everyone! 

I thought I'd start a little series here on Thrift O'Clock where every Sunday I reflect on the week gone by and share it with you!

This week I . . .

  • . . . put up a new post everyday and although it was quite a bit of work, I really enjoyed daily posting! I loved being able to put out fresh content everyday and I really admire anyone who can keep up with doing it week upon week. While it would be amazing to continue, it's not entirely practical for me but I'm thinking about posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and keeping this series going on Sundays. What do you think?

  • . . . have been thinking about starting up a Youtube channel. I've wanted to do it for ages but for a couple of reasons just haven't been able to. I couldn't really sleep last night so my brain went into overdrive and I got myself thinking of loads of video ideas! I think I've found a good place to film so all that's left to do is bite the bullet and start.

  • . . . had some really weird dreams. See here and here!

  • . . . was given an opportunity to interview someone quite exciting - a buyer at MyBag.com! The interview will be coming soon to a post near you so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

  • . . . tried Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn for the first time. I got the flavour Sweet 'n' Salt and they are so tasty and addictive.They're hailed as a 'healthier' snack which is great for those trying to watch their calorie count. However lucky for me, I had salted caramel icecream in the freezer and so mixed the two together! A great combination.


So that was the first Weekly Reflect! Let me know if you'd like to see more in this series and if you'd maybe like to see it in video form!

Thanks for reading,