Watermelon Nail Art! | NOTD + Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Have you seen that watermelon slice clutch bag that's around at the minute?
I think it's so cute! There are lemon and orange and other fruit versions but my favourite by far is the watermelon one.

I got inspired and came up with a Summery nail look that's actually really easy to recreate if you'd like to.
Here's what I came up with!

Step by Step


Optional Prep:
I like to start all my manicures with OPI's Nail Envy but this isn't an essential step at all. It's a nail strengthener and does work over time but take my advice - don't pay the full price for it. Shop around and get it on Amazon like I did for less than half the price!

Paint the nails all over with a bright pink polish of your choice. I chose Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine in 'Dragon' which is a gorgeous shade with a few tiny shimmers suspended inside so it sparkles whenever the light catches it. The formula is definitely one you have to get used to using as it's quite thick but once mastered gives a lovely gel-like effect.

Once your pink is dry, take a white polish along the bottom of your nail, as if doing a French manicure. I went for MUA's 'All Nude' which is an absolute bargain at just £1! If I'm ever using this as a full nail look it does require a few coats to be fully opaque but the end result is worth it.

Now for the pips! I use liquid eyeliners for detailing on my nails all the time - if you don't particularly like a liner, don't throw it out, put it in your nail art stash! You will need to put a clear top coat over it to keep it in place as well as to smooth everything out. A glitter top coat never fails either!

Lastly, go over the white with a green polish, leaving just a little bit of white peeking out, Then add your top coat and you're done! I used a Collection polish in the shade 'Look At Me!' which barely gets used but since picking it up I've realised I really should get it out more! It's a really unusual but unique colour. Imagine mustard was green, and that's how I'd describe it. The pigmentation is actually really nice, and I want to get some more Collection polishes!

What I used . . .

I'm so pleased with how this turned out! 
It's really bright and poppy. In my opinion, Summer is the best time to go wild with a bit of nail art, especially for those of us who aren't allowed it at school!

What's your favourite Summer mani?
What would you like me to create on my nails next?

Thanks for reading,